Chevy Chase Is One Proud Dad in New Pic With His Daughter

by Megan Molseed

Where does Chevy Chase spend some of his free time? At the iconic West Hollywood Comedy Store, of course! And, the longtime actor and comedian clearly enjoys sharing his love of comedy with his daughter, Caley Leigh.

“At the @thecomedystore with my daughter @caleyleigh last night,” the star writes in his Friday afternoon Insta post.

Chevy Chase looks to be one of the proudest fathers around as he stands for the Insta pic with his daughter at the famous stand-up comedy club earlier this week.

Can you imagine planning an evening of amazing comedy at such a massively popular comedy club as the Comedy Store and then running into Chevy Chase on top of it? This would be one amazing evening, for sure!

Chase, who has his arm around his middle daughter, Caley Leigh in the Friday afternoon Insta pic, looks absolutely amazing. The iconic comedian looks relaxed, wearing a casual hoody, a pair of jeans, and a baseball cap.

Chevy Chase Brings Us Movie Gold

It’s hard to believe that Chevy Chase has been giving us some of our favorite characters for well over five decades.

And, one of Chase’s most well-known characters, while there are many, is arguably the ever-optimistic family man, Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon’s Vacation films.

Since the film series began with the original National Lampoons Vacation in 1983, Chevy Chase has been involved in a total of five additions.

And, while each one is certainly a favorite in its own right, few can top the 1989 masterpiece, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

This film became so popular over the years that it is hard to enter a Christmas season without someone somewhere quoting at least one line from the iconic holiday film.

Thankfully, Clark Griswold himself seems to appreciate this holiday season favorite. In fact, Chevy Chase even gave the hilarious film a bit of a nod when he celebrated his 78th birthday last month.

Celebrating 78 With A Little Clark Griswold

In the October 8 post, the famous funnyman writes that it is his birthday. And, he claims, he is celebrating his 57th.

“It’s my birthday…57,” Chase jokes in his post.

Of course, we all know this number is way off.

However, this is not to say he couldn’t pass as a man who recently turned 57 years old, though! Chase really is looking amazing these days.

The best part of the post, though is the hilarious shirt the funnyman is proudly wearing in the birthday Insta post.

While the actor’s dark blue holiday shirt hardly has a festive message, it’s certainly a phrase that we could picture Chase’s Clark Griswold saying at multiple points in the hit Christmas film! In fact, maybe cousin Eddie would have taken his camper somewhere else to “clean” it out if Clark had just been wearing this shirt!