‘Chicago Fire’ Star David Eigenberg Beautifully Explains How Cast Has Become Like a Family

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire star David Eigenberg eloquently explained how the cast has become like family over the years the show has been on air. It’s not uncommon that casts grow close, and after almost a decade, they’ve had a ton of time together.

In a February interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Eigenberg talked about his time on the show, and what it meant to him to shoot that special episode last year that was shot only in an elevator. Eigenberg plays Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann, and has a very important role on the show as one of the leading characters.

“Shooting this episode was so much fun, it was a bit of a step out of where we normally go,” Eigenberg told Entertainment Weekly. “I was really happy that I got paired off with Joe Minoso; we’re old friends now.”

But it’s not just him and Joe Minoso that have grown close. The whole cast has developed tight bonds with each other since the show began.

“We’re all like family. It’s been nearly 10 years that we’ve been working on the show, and we’ve developed a friendship over the years. I really relate to Joe, and we have some common history. They wrote some really nice stuff for us and I was glad that they stepped into our current times a little bit, showing what’s good in this life and what’s destructive,” he said.

He also appreciates the show for its message, and seems happy to be a part of a cast that helps spread it.

“I don’t like the word bad — there’s good and there’s destructive. On this show, all the characters lean towards trying to survive the destruction and find the good, and I appreciate that deeply,” he finished.

‘Chicago Fire’ Just Said Goodbye to a Major Cast Member

Because this cast is so close, saying goodbye is incredibly hard to do. But that’s exactly what the cast had to do in one of the recent episodes when Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer decided to leave the show. Spencer wanted to spend more time with his family and take a break from the hectic entertainment industry schedules.

But his solid reasoning didn’t make things any easier to watch when Matt Casey said his final goodbyes to the squad and headed to Oregon to raise two boys who needed a parent in their lives. It was a touching goodbye, but fans hated seeing him go.

Now, there’s a lot of unanswered questions, and who will take Matt Casey’s place and rise in the ranks will apparently be a major plot throughout the rest of the season, so there’s plenty to keep viewers invested. If you want to watch the next episode of Chicago Fire it airs on Wednesday at 9/8 Central.