‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Are Still Upset Over This Scene

by Shelby Scott

Over the last few episodes of “Chicago Fire,” we’ve really seen an interesting collection of plots and storylines develop. Especially since the departure of one of the cast’s core characters Matt Casey, played by Australian actor Jesse Spencer. Some surround the ongoing absence of Truck 81’s Stella Kidd. Others point to the tension between Blake Gallo and new character Jason Pelham played by actor Brett Dalton.

However, a subplot that’s played out since Casey’s departure from “Chicago Fire” highlights paramedic Brett Casey’s struggles as she works to make her and Matt’s relationship work long distance. Episode seven of “Chicago Fire” was an explosive one. Throughout, we saw Gallo and Pelham verbally have it out for the first time. Simultaneously, Severide’s arson investigation concluded with the arsonist blowing himself up. Meanwhile, Brett continues to work with Casey to strengthen their relationship long-distance.

Of course, life happens and the couple’s plans get canceled when Casey has to attend a wildfire training program. The episode comes to a head when Brett and firefighter Blake Gallo share their feelings about Casey’s departure in the house closet. It’s then we finally see Brett break down, crying as she confided in Gallo.

As such, fans had plenty to say.

“Despite seeing Brett cry THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SCENE,” said one “Chicago Fire” fan. Another wrote, “So sad…I don’t like to see her suffering…it’s not fair!”

On the other hand, some “Chicago Fire” fans had unique opinions about the Brett/Gallo scene.

“As much as I’m not a fan of Brett and Casey together,” began one fan, “I feel like the writers don’t want her character to be happy…It never works out when she has a boyfriend.”

So, what do you think Outsiders? Were Brett and Casey meant to be? Or should we just move on and hope the next one works out?

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Ponder the Future of Firehouse 51

There’s no doubt Casey and Brett’s ongoing relationship problems remain a crucial subplot within “Chicago Fire.” As such, we anxiously wait to see whether showrunners keep the Casey character involved or slowly fade him into the background.

On the other hand, “Chicago Fire” fans are noticing the show has become a bit “stagnant.”

This season has seen a handful of dramatic moments. Although, it’s not amounting anywhere near the drama we’ve seen in earlier seasons. Season 10 kicked off with Severide and the rest of squad’s intense water rescue. However, other seasons have literally seen the demise of some key characters. These include the deaths of fireman Brian “Otis” Zvonecek in season eight’s premiere and paramedic Leslie Shay in season three.

That’s not to say characters haven’t come and gone since. However, it appears showrunners are delivering their major plots more softly and it’s beginning to irksome “Chicago Fire” fans.

Ultimately, we don’t want to lose any core characters. But in the past, it’s what’s attracted us back to “Chicago Fire.” We’re left wondering what comes next as the team navigates their grief.

One fan pointed out in a Reddit thread that perhaps the plots have been a bit dry lately as “Chicago Fire” prepares for its first-ever holiday-centric episode.

Perhaps. But whatever is going on, we hope showrunners can bring back the excitement we’ve seen in earlier seasons and episodes.