‘Chicago Fire’: Gallo and Pelham’s Conflict Come to a Head in Next Week’s Episode

by Shelby Scott

This week spells trouble for NBC‘s hit show, “Chicago Fire.” While the departure of the fire crew’s longstanding captain, Matt Casey, definitely dealt a blow our favorite Chicago firefighters, his absence seems to be the least of our worries during tonight’s episode of “Chicago Fire.”

The latest episode features the addition of a new authority figure temporarily filling Matt Casey’s shoes over on Truck 81. Played by Brett Dalton, known for his role over on Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” the newest addition comes in the form of Lieutenant Jason Pelham, Truck 81’s interim lieutenant. However, things aren’t going to be smooth-sailing for the new character. Immediately during Dalton’s first episode aboard “Chicago Fire,” Outsiders can expect to see his character come to head with one of Firehouse 51’s youngest crew members, Blake Gallo.

Gallo, a dedicated student to Captain Matt Casey, has been known to struggle adjusting to change. And as the young firefighter’s most influential teacher just left, hellfire will surely rage.

Meanwhile, their dispute won’t be the only one featuring in this week’s episode of “Chicago Fire.” According to CarterMatt, we’ll also see longtime characters, Lieutenants Kelly Severide and Christopher Herrmann struggling through an argument of their own.

As if that weren’t enough, Boden has to decide whether Pelham should be made a permanent addition to Firehouse 51. Simultaneously, Severide continues to pursue possibly his most lethal arson case yet.

Overall, tonight’s episode of “Chicago Fire” amounts to one you definitely don’t want to miss.

‘Chicago Fire’ Arson Case Becomes Deadly

The big headline for this week’s episode of “Chicago Fire” has revolved around the crew’s newest lieutenant, Jason Pelham. However, as far as rescues go, this week potentially points to a major bomb threat among Severide’s ongoing arson investigation. Check out the intense trailer below.

“He’s getting ready for something big,” Severide points out as the dramatic soundtrack plays on in the background. The following frames show Severide paired off with “Chicago P.D.’s” Kevin Atwater after they’ve presumably infiltrated the arsonist’s shelter. Plans for a bomb cover the counter space and the mini crossover scene shows both our “One Chicago” characters mortified.

Cut to the next frame and Severide is sliding across the hood of a vehicle much like Bo Duke and Boden calls for a full building evacuation as he totes a little girl away from the danger.

Overall, none of the scenes truly click together, however, they nevertheless promise one insane episode of “Chicago Fire.” Be sure to tune in tonight and let us know what you think.