‘Chicago Fire’: How Miranda Rae Mayo Teased an Increased Focus on Stella and Severide This Season

by Megan Molseed

For Chicago Fire actress Miranda Rae Mayo, part of the fun of her role on the hit NBC drama series is the fact that the storylines unfold in a way that is similar to real-life.

For her, watching the unknowns the Chicago Fire characters are facing in any given storyline is even more exciting as the characters’ lives unfold onscreen.

Especially, says the actress, when it comes to one of prime-time’s favorite romances, the partnership of her character, Stella Kidd and Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide.

This storyline has been such a fan favorite during Chicago Fire’s ninth season. The actress even teased an increased focus on the couple this season last spring. This focus stems from one big step the two are preparing to take, their impending nuptials.

“We’ll see what happens,” Miranda Rae Mayo says to EW of her on-screen relationship.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what the writers do with our characters if an engagement happens and if a marriage happens,” the actress adds, teasing the recent Chicago Fire engagement.

‘Chicago Fire’ Actress Teases A Big Move For Stella and Severide

Mayo notes that she’s interested in seeing how the writers envision these next steps for Kidd and Severide.

“I think that will be some delicious content to jump into,” the actress adds of the primetime romance.

Miranda Rae Mayo adds that there has always been an interesting dynamic to the Chicago Fire couple. Which, the actress notes, makes the focus on their progression that much more interesting.

“What does a relationship look like where you have two officers in a modernized world filled with our own sexist ideas,” the actress asks.

“How does that translate? How do they deal with that?” Miranda Rae Mayo continues.

“At the end of the day, I think those two characters have a perspective unlike most people because they deal with death so often,” the Chicago Fire continues. “I think that’s a very strong foundation. I think they can work through almost anything.”

What Would A ‘Stellaride’ Wedding Look Like?

The Chicago Fire adds that she is especially excited about watching this new storyline unfold because she knows how well the hit drama’s showrunners tell exciting stories.

“As fans, we’ve seen that was Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Gabriella Dawson’s (Monica Raymund) journey,” the actress says of the Chicago Fire storylines.

And, this new engagement certainly gives the popular couple a whole new layer to their own storylines.

“I don’t see it being very big,” the Chicago Fire actress says of the potential Stella and Severide nuptials.

“I see it being on a boat, the actress says. “Or, I don’t know, them being in the midst of planning it and then being like, ‘Screw it!’ and going to city hall.”