‘Chicago Fire’ Star Jesse Spencer Spoke Out on What Makes Brett and Casey ‘Organic’

by Shelby Scott

NBC‘s “Chicago Fire” makes its season 10 premiere on September 22nd and we couldn’t be more excited. However, along with the promise of a new full season of the beloved show, “Chicago Fire” fans can look forward to further development in characters’ Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey’s relationship.

When season 9 ended, a final episode featured a sweet and long-awaited scene between paramedic Brett and Captain Casey. Casey had just revealed his true feelings for Brett and confirmed his love for her. However, Brett didn’t initially reciprocate. Just when fans think the pair’s potential relationship has fizzled out, Brett surprisingly meets the captain outside the firehouse. It’s then she finally shares that she is in love with Casey as well.

Well, at least that’s all settled. Additionally, during a February press junket, costars Kara Killmer (Brett) and Jesse Spencer (Casey) shared their thoughts on the characters’ romantic development.

According to Spencer, Brett and Casey’s relationship is “organic” and he gave the press some pretty solid reasons why.

“The writers were just putting [the characters] together in situations where [Casey] was a guy looking out for his friend who was hurting,” Spencer shared. “It just felt really organic and felt really good.”

He further shared that because the pair started out as friends who were simply being supportive to each other and shared a personal closeness, their romantic development was really smooth. Spencer further shared that, of course, the couple’s transition from friends to romantic partners couldn’t be entirely smooth because “that would be boring.”

And believe me, fans experienced a lot of frustration as the pair let earlier opportunities for romantic development slip away. So season 9 really provided that satisfaction viewers had so long waited for.

‘Chicago Fire’ Left Fans With One Big Cliffhanger

Casey and Brett’s two big, romantic scenes at the end of season 9, “Chicago Fire” were not the only big events. Producers left fans with another, drastically different cliffhanger. Season 9’s final episode, “No Survivors,” left squad members Kelly Severide, Joe Cruz, Capp, and Tony Ferraris stuck beneath a sinking fishing boat with no way out. In addition, (spoiler alert) the rescue squad did in fact find one survivor in their search of the sinking boat.

Usually, the show’s rescue squad lieutenant and a lead character, Severide, always finds a way out of seemingly impossible situations. Even if that means relying on his right hand, Cruz. However, this time all seems hopeless when the squad and the survivor’s only means of escape is blocked. Additionally, after spending so much time under the boat, their dive tanks all run out of air.

The episode ends as the boat further sinks. All five quickly take a big breath of air before the craft forces them underwater. We’re assuming season 10 will open up at this same scene. However, there’s always the chance of a major, and not so satisfying, plot twist. For my heart’s sake, I’ll continue to hold out for a miracle.