‘Chicago Fire’: Joe Cruz Actor Joe Minoso Opens Up on Almost Getting Killed Off

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire actor Joe Minoso opened up about his character almost getting killed off. Having your character killed off is daunting for an actor if they haven’t asked to leave. It means you need to find new work and say goodbye to your castmates. Thankfully, Cruz survived and Minoso gets to continue working on the show.

He discussed his character’s near-death experience on Chicago Fire in an interview with Tell Tale TV last month.

“What’s great about it is they found something more interesting than just kind of, well, thankfully, killing me off — to explore as a character and as an actor. And I think we’re going to end up seeing a lot of leftover trauma for Cruz throughout the course of the season,” he said. Now, the actor doesn’t only get to stay on his show, but he also gets to explore a new facet of his character.

This season, Cruz and Chloe are also expecting a child. How this trauma will influence how he parents should be interesting to watch. He’s also excited for Cruz to be a dad, upcoming mistakes and all. He also joked that the show may go on long enough for his son to take his job.

“Who knows, if the show goes on long enough, maybe my son ends up taking over for me on Squad,” he said.

‘Chicago Fire’ Recently Said Goodbye to a Major Character

This would be an awful time to lose another person as one of Chicago Fire’s leading actors, Jesse Spenser, left the show. The Matt Casey actor said his goodbyes to the series. This was in order to spend more time with family. He’ll also take a bit of a break from the crazy schedules he’s consistently had over the past decade.

Casey left to take care of two boys who needed a guardian or they’d be split up in foster care. The noble gesture required him to move to where the boys were in Oregon. he had to leave everything behind. Fans took it hard, and showrunner Derek Haas has also admitted it was very hard to write.

“It was a very difficult episode to write […] But I thought the episode turned out really well. I just want to thank Jesse public for his amazing service and friendship. And for making the show incredible,” he said.

While his departure from Chicago Fire is upsetting, there’s still plenty of great characters left on the cast. That includs Joe Cruz. He will have plenty to do this season especially now that the cast just got a bit smaller. If you want to watch Chicago Fire episodes as they come out, tune in to NBC on Wednesday nights at 9/8 central.