‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Killmer Gets Hilariously Weird in Video Confirming Filming of Season 10

by Shelby Scott

NBC’s hit show “Chicago Fire” is in the process of filming season 10, and it seems Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett) is just as excited as we are for the premiere. She recently shared a humorous video of her and costar Jesse Spencer (Captain Matt Casey) onset via her Instagram. In the video, she applied a filter to her and Spencer’s faces. It mushed their heads, enlarged their lips, and gave them the highest, most ridiculous voices.

“Just here with my best friend, Jesse Spencer!” Killmer exclaims. Spencer, ever humoring his Firehouse 51 colleague and “Chicago Fire” costar played along as she applied the same filter to his face. Seeing Killmer and Spencer onset together, rather than on the show is unique. Onscreen, their characters’ share a romantic, often dramatic relationship.

Near the end of season 9, “Chicago Fire” finally gave viewers the satisfaction of Brett and Casey as romantic partners.

The season finale, “No Survivors,” left viewers in major suspense. The episode features Firehouse 51 Squad trying to make an aquatic rescue after a fisherman’s boat capsized. While searching for survivors, the squad gets stuck underneath the boat with no way to reach the surface.

We’re assuming this is where season 10 will pick up. But for now, at least we have the satisfaction of knowing filming for the new season is underway.

Your Need-To-Know for “Chicago Fire” Season 10

Unfortunately for “Chicago Fire” fans, producers seem to be keeping things hush-hush as they build suspense for the newest season. However, they have revealed that there will be more crossovers with the other Chicago franchises, i.e. “Chicago Med” and “Chicago PD.” Additionally, the show marks its 200th episode this season. Currently, it’s shaping up to promise lots of exciting guest appearances.

“Chicago Fire” is only one of many shows whose shooting schedule was uprooted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite their incorporation of the pandemic into the show and the off shooting schedule, this year promises to be normal.

As if that weren’t enough, “Chicago Fire” star, Miranda Rae Mayo (Luitenant Stella Kidd) shared a potential spoiler with fans. The season 9 finale saw Kidd’s new fiance, Kelly Severide, trapped under a capsized boat, Kidd anxiously watching from shore. One of her latest Instagram stories, however, suggests Severide may just survive this one.

The story featured a behind-the-scenes snapshot from a 90s film, Cry Baby, which features Johnny Depp and Amy Locane preparing for an intimate scene. Tagging Taylor Kinney (Lt. Kelly Severide), she wrote, “This is our lives.” Thanks to Mayo, we can only hope the heroic Severide and his crew survive and he and Kidd get their happily ever after.

Catch NBC’s newest seasons of “Chicago Fire,” as well as “Chicago Med” and “Chicago PD,” all premiering Wednesday, September 22.