‘Chicago Fire’: Pelham May Not Be Good for Firehouse 51

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” remains in a time of great change several episodes following headlining character Captain Matt Casey’s departure. As such, the Firehouse 51 crew has begun to adjust, if not accept, Casey’s absence. Simultaneously, we’ve seen a new character emerge and that’s floating officer Lieutenant Jason Pelham. Pelham initially spent several episodes head to head with Truck 81’s Blake Gallo. Following the latest episode, however, it appears the two firemen have come to a tentative truce. While we are relieved to see peace return to “Chicago Fire,” we remain unsure whether Pelham would signify positive change at Firehouse 51.

There’s no doubt that after the revelations surrounding Pelham came to light during the latest episode, “What Happened at Whiskey Point?” that the new “Chicago Fire” character truly is a good man with good intentions.

As a result, his permanent addition to the crew should be easier to swallow. Nevertheless, it could also still spell trouble for one fan-favorite character and the firemen who’ve worked alongside her for years.

Who Will Fill Casey’s Role on Truck 81?

After missing for most of season 10, showrunners revealed Lieutenant Stella Kidd will return during the midseason finale weeks away. As such, we have again begun to wonder what the outcome will be for the vacant lieutenant’s position on Firehouse 51’s Truck.

CinemaBlend reminds us that, prior to Stella’s absence, she had been considered for an officer’s position at another firehouse. However, following Casey’s regretful departure, it initially seemed clear who would claim the vacancy.

Now, we’re not so sure, and dedicated “Chicago Fire” fans are anxious to see the final outcome. However, the outlet stated the upcoming midseason finale promises a fun holiday theme. As a result, it potentially lacks the opportunity for any dramatic changes or transitions. As such, we might be waiting until 2022 to find out what comes of the open position. And hopefully, we find out what becomes of Lieutenant Stella Kidd as well.

‘Chicago Fire’ Senior Firemen Share Thoughts On Newbie Additions

Over on the set of “Chicago Fire,” Pelham has slowly begun to settle in among the crew. That’s despite being a newbie character. AS such, one “Chicago Fire” mainstay has revealed a tougher side of his personality we don’t typically see on screens.

Actor Christian Stolte plays the role of senior fireman Randall “Mouch” McHolland over on “Chicago Fire.” McHolland remains a crucial character 10 seasons of “Chicago Fire” later, and, as such, has experience on the set. Therefore, when it comes to newbie actors, Stolte has little to say regarding new additions to the show. However the few words of advice he shared speak loudly.

“They either get it, or they don’t last very long,” the actor revealed. And while “Chicago Fire” has retained many of its new characters over 10 seasons on air, several have slipped in and out, barely making their mark on the crew and within the firehouse.

At the same time, Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann actor David Eigenberg softened Stolte’s words a little. He added that of those who stay, “Everybody is on board,” and willing to do what they can to see the best of “Chicago Fire” emerge.