‘Chicago Fire’: See First Official Photos for Upcoming 10th Season

by Shelby Scott

The fall season is fast approaching. Along with hunting season, the premiere of numerous fan-favorite shows including those from One Chicago soon debut. “Chicago Fire” fans have spent the summer speculating the possible outcomes from the season 9 finale. And finally, NBC has graciously provided us a first-look peek at season 10‘s premiere.

No, unfortunately, we don’t have any video clips to share with Outsiders. However, there is a sizeable collection of photos the network released sharing a glance at some of the upcoming plotlines.

As expected and previously promised, the newest episode appears to open right at the scene of where season 9 closed. That is, right on the bank where Firehouse 51’s entire squad is trapped underneath a capsized boat. Some of the pictures featured the anxious firefighters with their eyes locked on the scene. Another captures Stella Kidd’s face as she waits to see whether fiancée Lieutenant Kelly Severide finds a way out of the scary situation.

Season 10 of ‘Chicago Fire’ Promises a Host of New Plotlines

Additionally, the outlet shared photos featuring beloved fire Chief Boden. Among all the nerve-wracking scenes that concluded season 9, Chief Boden received an offer for an even more authoritative position. The season’s conclusion saw the chief receive an offer for a title that will better help him contribute to the wellbeing of Chicago firefighters. For that though, he wouldn’t get to spend any time alongside his men physically fighting fires. It left him in a difficult position at the end of last season.

And of course, we get a preview of another fire call the crew receives among everything else taking place. It appears a large commercial building erupts into flames, the crew climbing an aerial ladder to combat the fire on the roof.

So overall, we’re not able to provide concrete evidence as to whether Squad escapes the boat in the season 10 premiere. However, we can definitely confirm that, like always, the new season is shaping up to be quite an explosive one.

Season 10 Features the Hit Show’s 200th Episode

Among other exciting preparations, “Chicago Fire” producers and cast members are amping up for the hit show’s 200th episode. Currently, we wait to find out whether or not the squad escapes their entrapment. Further, fans might remember that Severide’s second, Joe Cruz, is to become a father very soon. So for the sake of our hearts, we truly hope “Chicago Fire” producers provide us some sort of happy ending.

In creating season 10, team members are hoping to gift fans with a long, full season of “Chicago Fire.” Hopefully, the new season will host about 22 episodes whereas COVID-19 forced producers to keep the episode total to a measly 16.

Regardless, with an entire squad in danger, Boden’s potential promotion, Cruz’s new baby, a new paramedic, and countless other highlight subplots, we can’t help but impatiently wait for the September 22nd premiere of “Chicago Fire.”