‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Teases Update on Stella Kidd’s Absence in Fall Finale

by Kati Michelle

Alright, “Chicago Fire” fans. Let’s set the record straight. Remember Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd character? I mean how could you forget? The badass character was responsible for the groundbreaking “Girls on Fire” group which tries to empower women and advocate for them joining the typically male-dominated industry of firefighting. That’s also the storyline fans assumed would be used for Mayo’s brief hiatus from the series. Previously, showrunners promised us we would see Stella’s return by the end of the year. Now, we’ve got definitive proof that tonight’s fall finale finally addresses her absence.

Photos that previewed the “Chicago Fire” special notably left Stella Kidd out, sending fans into a spiral. However, we now know that the decision to do so came from a place of trying to avoid spoilers. Showrunner Derek Haas just revealed that and more to ET in a recent interview.

How Big of a Role Will Stella Kidd’s Absence/Return Play in Tonight’s Finale?

That’s the question fans want the answer to the most. And apparently, the short answer is that Stella Kidd’s absence and return play a BIG piece in tonight’s puzzle. Showrunner Derek Haas tells ET:

“With Stella being gone for so long, we just knew we wanted to see her again before the end of the year and we wanted to do that in dramatic fashion because the open lieutenant spot after Casey left has been a concern,” Haas teases, also mentioning “that [storyline] takes up some time in the winter finale.”

Here, Haas is referring to Jesse Spencer’s upsetting exit from the show and the hole that his character left in the “Chicago Fire” team. Some fans were upset to see the Lieutenant Jason Pelham character played by Brett Dalton take over as Casey’s replacement as captain. Debates then ensued about who was better off leading the team: Stella Kidd or Jason Pelham.

It’s nice to see that the showrunners are taking these things into consideration instead of just sweeping them under the rug. The fans have come to see Firehouse 51 as an extension of their family, after all.

Showrunner Promises Fans An Epic, Unforgettable Night

In addition to finally setting the record straight about the character of Stella Kidd, showrunner Derek Haas also opened up about the finale’s ending. According to him, the show will bring out a lot of emotions from fans. There will be highs, lows, and a cliffhanger ending.

“It’s going to be suspenseful, funny, and answer a lot of questions that have been lingering from the opening of season 10,” he says.

At the end of the day, one thing’s for sure. That’s the fact that fans are already counting down the days before the show’s return in 2022.