‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen New Actor Brett Dalton Before

by John Jamison

When one star leaves, another enters. Chicago Fire recently saw Jesse Spencer’s Matthew Casey step away, and it looks like Brett Dalton is on the way to back up Truck 81. Wait. Who is Brett Dalton? We’re glad you asked. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the actor before.

For Chicago Fire fans running who aren’t quite caught up with Season 10 yet, the whole “Matthew Casey is leaving” bomb probably came as a bit of a shock. We hate to break it to you, but after 10 years on the hit CBS series, Jesse Spencer’s character is off to deal with some personal obligations in Oregon.

That said, it’s not all bad—Brett Dalton to the rescue. TV Line reports that he will be appearing on the show as early as this Wednesday’s episode. Dalton is set to join the Chicago Fire cast as Lieutenant Jason Pelham.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Cast Addition Has Plenty of Television Experience

Before he became Pelham, however, Brett Dalton played a handful of recognizable characters on several high-profile shows. One of his first big roles came in 2012 on an Outsider favorite, Blue Bloods. It was only a one-off appearance as a character named Phillip Gibson in an episode titled “Collateral Damage.” Still, some diehard Blue Bloods people may remember him.

From there, the new Chicago Fire addition went on to similar appearances in Army Wives and Killing Lincoln. That earned him a role in a small movie called Beside Still Waters, which won the feature film award in the narrative competition at the 2014 Austin Film Festival.

2013 was also the year when Brett Dalton hit it big with a regular role on the Marvel favorite Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He played Grant Ward, appearing in 63 total episodes in the show’s four-year run. He has since guest-starred on shows such as Elementary, Deception, and Robot Chicken. His most recent appearance came 2021’s Ghostwriter as Captain Vincent.

Brett Dalton Joins a ‘Family’

Since Chicago Fire began in 2012, David Eigenberg has played Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann. Spend more than 10 years with anyone, and they’re likely to start feeling like family. That looks to be the case with the cast and crew of Chicago Fire.

In February, the Christopher Herrmann actor talked to Entertainment Weekly about how close everyone has become.

“We’re all like family. It’s been nearly 10 years that we’ve been working on the show, and we’ve developed a friendship over the years. I really relate to Joe, and we have some common history. They wrote some really nice stuff for us and I was glad that they stepped into our current times a little bit, showing what’s good in this life and what’s destructive,” he said.