‘Chicago Fire’: Who Won’t Be Returning for the New Season?

by Shelby Scott

After the gut-wrenching season 9 finale of NBC’s hit show, “Chicago Fire,” season 10 hopefully brings some closure. The new season premieres on September 22nd and we cannot wait. Regardless, some of the fans’ biggest concerns surround character departures. They’ve discussed whether or not “Chicago Fire” will see any of its fan-favorite characters leave in season 10. Thankfully, however, sources report no confirmations about any of the “Chicago Fire” cast permanently leaving the show.

One Chicago Center, while pointing out that the franchise has a way of blindsiding viewers with major character departures, nevertheless confirmed that despite the firehouse squad’s precarious situation at the end of season 9, all four of the crew members seem to make it out okay. The franchise confirmed their return when the network didn’t announce any cast departures from “Chicago Fire” and Firehouse’s 51’s crews.

The show’s major characters all plan to return. However, “Chicago Fire” did see some more recent losses in its guest characters, specifically actors Adriyan Rae and Jon Ecker. Rae briefly played the part of Gianna Mackey, a close childhood friend to longtime “Chicago Fire” character, Joe Cruz. Mackey joined ambo once Brett saw her previous partner, Emily Foster, leave Firehouse 51 to return to med school.

Additionally, Ecker’s appearance on the show has concluded for the moment. He previously played a potential love interest for Sylvie Brett. His character, Lieutenant Greg Grainger, dated Brett for a while but soon broke up with her when he realized she was involved with Captain Matt Casey.

Graciously then, producers spared fans any major disappointment in character departures for the season premiere. Although, who knows what to expect from the rest of “Chicago Fire” season 10?

“Chicago Fire” Cast Unites with Spinoffs for an Epic New Seasons Poster

“One Chicago” fans have been amped up over the franchise’s shows’ premieres all summer. Recently, NBC dropped its premiere poster of the hit show “Chicago Fire” and its spinoffs, “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Med.”

Despite a few missing faces, the franchise’s large cast completely dominates the poster’s central frame. Their solemn faces perhaps recap the gut-wrenching events which occurred in each of the shows’ finales. Central authority figures consist of Chief of Services, Sharon Goodwin (“Chicago Med”), Captain Matthew Casey (“Chicago Fire”), and Sergeant Hank Voight (“Chicago PD”).

Just behind them lie the franchise’s other headlining characters, interestingly placing Fire Chief Boden in a less authorial position behind Casey, which usually isn’t the case.

Regardless, the dynamic poster captures the power and ferocity of each “One Chicago” crew, and fans following the NBC post shared even further excitement following the poster’s publication.

The caption to the Instagram post reads, “Our hearts are in Chicago this fall.” With the events that concluded the previous seasons, there’s no doubt we have our beloved characters’ fates heavy on our minds.