‘Chicago Med’: Dr. Charles and Dr. Archer Have a ‘Whole New Relationship’ Following Winter Finale

by Megan Molseed

The hit NBC medical drama series, Chicago Med is wrapping up its final brand-new episode in 2021 as the mid-season finale premieres Wednesday evening December 8. And, as always, the popular One Chicago series isn’t going to disappoint. As always, this newest episode is promising some major storylines. And, in full Chicago Med-style, we will see plenty twists and turns to keep the audience on their toes.

Many of the One Chicago fans know that some major things are happening over at the Chicago Med hospital. And, viewers also know the series will bring some big changes even in the smallest of ways.

Many of which will begin as the series prepares for hiatus after the winter mid-season finale.

According to Chicago Med showrunners, one new relationship dynamic we will see as the series returns in 2022 is between two of the show’s characters. These players? Oliver Platt’s Dr. Charles, and Steven Weber’s Dr. Archer.

During a recent discussion with TV Insider, Chicago Med showrunner Andrew Schneider discusses what viewers can expect as their favorite One Chicago characters evolve. Especially as they return from the winter hiatus next year.

Big Changes For Some One Chicago Players

According to the Executive Producer, viewers can expect to see each one of the Chicago Med players at the Gaffney Medical Center face some relationship changes.

However, there is one relationship that is likely to see some of the biggest changes. Primarily as the series returns next month.

“We have a whole new relationship between Dr. Charles and Dr. Archer,” Andrew Schneider says.

“Which happens in the winter finale,” the showrunner continues.

“We learn a lot more about Dean Archer and who he is and where he’s coming from,” the One Chicago producer adds. “And it changes his relationship with Dr. Charles.”

‘Chicago Med’ Brings Plenty of Drama In Mid-Season Finale

Additionally, in the season seven mid-season Chicago Med finale, Nick Gehlfuss’s Dr. Will Halstead waits for information regarding the outcome of an investigation. This comes as he works tirelessly with Guy Lockard’s Dylan Scott to save the life of a four-month-old patient.

Additionally, secrets seem to rule the medical center in the show’s midseason finale which is titled Secret Santa Has A Gift For You.

And, in the spirit of secrets, Kristen Hager’s Stevie Hammer and Asjha Cooper’s Vanessa Taylor are working hard to keep their secrets close to their chests.

Then, members of the Chicago Med team come together to save a patient who is in desperate need of a life-saving liver transplant.