‘Chicago Med’ Reveals Iconic Chicago Coffee Shop Where Episode Was Filmed

by Joe Rutland

“Chicago Med” loves showing off different spots in the Windy City when possible. On Wednesday night’s episode, one famed spot appears.

Wolf Entertainment, the home of “One Chicago” franchise creator Dick Wolf’s shows, went to their Twitter account and shared a highlight from Wednesday night.

Chicago has many coffee shops around town, but there was one specially selected for this “Chicago Med” episode called Lou Mitchell’s.

Take a look at what Wolf Entertainment posted on Wednesday.

According to its website, Lou Mitchell’s is located at the start of Route 66 in downtown Chicago.

The site also says that the coffee shop “serves up Chicago’s best coffee, pancakes, omelets, burgers, and homemade diner food.” They are open for breakfast and lunch.

Next time you are in The Windy City, Outsiders, maybe you can check this place out.

With three shows in the “One Chicago” franchise, don’t be surprised if you are there and a scene or two is shot for a show.

‘Chicago Med’ Actress Not Happy With How Show Writes Off Character

If you have watched TV shows for any length, then you know some characters are added and some taken out.

This happened on “Chicago Med” with the departure of April Sexton, played by YaYa DaCosta.

Put DaCosta down as a “not happy” camper with the situation. Show fans also did not like the news, either.

There wasn’t closure between April and her romantic partner, Dr. Ethan Choi, played by Brian Tee, on “Chicago Med.”

Like we said, Outsiders, DaCosta is asked if she is happy with how things went down.

“No, not at all,” DaCosta said. “I think that when [the finale] was written, the idea of April not being at Gaffney Medical Center, and me not being on the show, was not even a thought. Things happened behind the scenes very quickly.”

She also says that they were “literally in the final days of shooting the episode.”

That was happening, DaCosta said, “while conversations and negotiations about my working there were going on.”

Veteran Actor Weber Earns Promotion To Regular Cast Member on NBC Drama

While DaCosta was not happy, one veteran actor saw his role moved up to a regular cast member.

Who? That would be Steven Weber, who plays Dr. Dean Archer, on “Chicago Med.”

Weber, 60, has his best-known TV role from “Wings.” He played Brian Hackett where he and his brother Joe, played by Tim Daly, were pilots at a small airport.

He’s no stranger to being on Wolf-created shows. Weber also appeared on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Criminal Intent.”

On “Chicago Med,” Weber’s Dr. Archer used to work with Choi in the military. He was Choi’s boss and mentor. Now, Archer works for Choi.