‘Chicago Med’: When Is Season 6 Debuting on Netflix?

by Megan Molseed

NBC’s hit medical drama series, Chicago Med has long been drawing viewers in during its wildly successful seven seasons on the air.

Of course, with all of this popularity, many fans of the popular series are eagerly awaiting the premiere of some recent episodes of the popular series to finally hit Netflix.

Primarily, Chicago Med fans are waiting for the hit series’s sixth season episodes to finally be featured on their Netflix cues.

Netflix has been featuring the first few seasons of the hit NBC series for some time now.

However, even though the Chicago Med’s sixth season wrapped up earlier this year, there haven’t been any signs of it being added to the streaming service over the last few months.

So, when exactly, can fans of the medical drama plan on streaming the sixth season on Netflix? Can fans expect to see these newer episodes soon on Netflix? Or will it be some time before fans can view season six on the streaming service?

When Will ‘Chicago Med’ Make It Onto Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t yet officially named a release date for when Chicago Med’s sixth season will arrive.

However, fans can look at Chicago Med’s Netflix history to deduce a general timeline of when the series may finally land in their “suggested titles” category.

According to What’s on Netflix, the service typically uploads a series on a bi-yearly basis; if it’s one it does not own, such as Chicago Med.

This means that every two years, Netflix customers get two seasons of shows such as this NBC drama at one time.

This pattern could certainly suggest something about when fans of the drama series can it to arrive in the cue. The series will likely update on Netflix along with Chicago Med’s current season.

Of course, season seven won’t be available for Netflix to upload until after it ends in the spring of 2022.

However, Netflix isn’t the only place where fans of the hit NBC series can stream the latest episodes.

NBC’s own streaming service, Peacock, plays the popular episodes shortly after each one premiere. Peacock is currently streaming all of Chicago Med’s sixth season. It is also showing the first few episodes that have already premiered in season seven.

Since its premiere, the popular medical drama has been an NBC fan favorite. In fact, Chicago Med has rated the seventeenth most-watched show in the nation during the series’s sixth season.