‘Chicago PD’: One Character Is Notably Missing From New Season 9 Photos

by Shelby Scott

One Chicago fans have spent the majority of the summer impatiently waiting for the return of their favorite show. Whether that’s “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” or “Chicago Med,” the newest seasons should conclude a lot of last season’s cliffhangers. However, despite that the network shared photos from “Chicago PD” Season 9, one important face is missing among them.

One Chicago Center shared the “Chicago PD” Season 9 premiere photos on their website. However, Officer Kim Burgess does not appear in any of them. And considering her traumatic experience during the season 8 finale, could that mean she won’t be returning for season 9? Thankfully, we can confirm that that isn’t the case.

So until the new episode premieres, “Chicago PD” fans are again left pondering the fate of the dedicated officer.

Supposedly, the reason Burgess (Marina Squerciati) doesn’t appear in the photos is to keep the most pressing question of season 8’s finale a secret. Besides, what would be the fun in watching the premiere if we knew Burgess’s medical state.

However, while Burgess doesn’t appear in the season premiere’s photos, we do get insight as to who does feature.

“Chicago PD” Sneak Peeks Provide Insight to the New Season

The first two photos show Voight, presumably standing above a lit fire which, if you remember from season 8, he was last pictured burning the body of a suspect. Since the title of the episode is “Closure,” we imagine that the new episode will feature conclusive scenes which began during season 8’s finale.

The following three photos appear to capture several of the team’s officers thrust into a new investigation, as Halstead, Voight, and Hailey all sport bulletproof vests. However, while we’re used to seeing this powerhouse team in action, it appears that they’re being joined by a new face.

Nicole Ari Parker, playing Deputy Superintendant Samantha Miller, also features in the photos alongside Officer Atwater. Additionally, she also dons a bulletproof vest, pistol in hand. Is it possible she’s working to close out the case surrounding the death of her son? Another development that we’ll just have to wait to find out.

The ‘Chicago’ Franchise Premieres in Weeks

After months of waiting, the One Chicago franchise will finally premiere their new season in less than a month! All three shows debut their new season on September 22nd. “Chicago PD” airs at 10 p.m. ET and is preceded by “Chicago Med” and “Chicago Fire.”

While just the new seasons alone have stirred up both excitement and fan speculation, there is a possibility that all three of the shows could crossover this season. Like the “Infection” episodes, many of the shows’ cast members appeared in each other’s shows throughout the strange debacle. Hopefully, this season promises an even greater, more involved crossover.

Overall, along with “Chicago PD,” the new shows’ seasons are truly shaping up to be memorable.