‘Chicago P.D.’: Was the Show Nominated for a 2021 Emmy?

by Joe Rutland

“Chicago P.D.” fans are hopeful their show might pick up an Emmy Award nomination for its work, especially since it’s a Dick Wolf show.

Sadly, “Chicago P.D.” did not get nominated for TV’s prestigious award, according to an article from onechicagocenter.com. The show, which has been on NBC for eight seasons, will be returning this fall for Season 9. For fans wondering if it’ll come back for Season 10, the network already secured it for that season, too.

“Chicago P.D.” is part of the “Chicago” franchise of shows under Wolf Entertainment. It goes along with “Chicago Fire and “Chicago Med,” all shows that were created by Wolf.

Jason Beghe, John Seda, and Sopha Bush star on the show, which focuses on the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department. It’s a fictional district within the context of the show itself. But Beghe stars as Detective Sergeant Hank Voight.

As we mentioned, “Chicago P.D.” as sister shows in “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med.” Those shows also were picked up by NBC. New episodes will premiere in the fall season starting in September.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Faced Some Changes As Season 8 Wound Down

There was a lot of scuttlebutt around characters possibly changing as “Chicago P.D.” wound up its Season 8 run on NBC.

LaRoyce Hawkins, who plays Kevin Atwater, said that the “Chicago P.D.” unit might find itself divided when the season was nearing its finale. He talked to TVLine about how that important Season 8 episode would complicate matters.

“I think this episode is a pretty interesting example of the way reform challenges all of our integrities,” Hawkins said. “It challenges everybody’s character a little bit. The team that we love may find themselves divided — some people on one side of progress and other people on the other.”

That played out as it did during the season finale. But loyalty gets stretched between Atwater and Burgess [Marina Squerciati] and between Atwater and Adam Ruzek [Patrick John Flueger].

Atwater Said Hawkins Always Will Be There To Help Friends

Promises get in the way, though. Burgess’s adopted daughter Makayla is an anchor for Ruzek, with Burgess naming him guardian in the event of her death. Hawkins said his character wouldn’t let anything get in the way of that obligation.

“They’re two of his best friends, and so he’ll always be there to help,” he told TVLine. “There’s no way in the world that Atwater will leave Ruzek alone with that kind of responsibility if push comes to shove, and there’s no way that he would leave Burgess alone with that kind of responsibility.

“So I think Atwater assumed responsibility, regardless of whether it’s on paper or not, because that’s just the kind of guy he is,” Hawkins said.

“Chicago P.D.” will not be a dull show when it returns to the NBC lineup this fall.