‘Chicago PD’: Will Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller Actor Nicole Ari Parker Return for Season 9?

by Shelby Scott

The season 8 finale of NBC‘s “Chicago PD” saw some pretty suspenseful scenes throughout and one of those involves the death of Superintendent Samanta Miller’s son, Darrell. Fortunately for “Chicago PD” fans, Parade states that all of the main cast of the hit show plans to return. In addition, Nicole Ari Parker will also most likely make a return to the show, despite the death of her character’s son.

According to “Chicago PD” showrunner Rick Eid, “I think [Miller’s] going to figure out what she wants to do and how,” he said in an interview with Monsters & Critics. He further explained that the death of her son, a college campus drug dealer who ran into a thousand-dollar dilemma, connects the character to police reform ideas. However, he concluded that she won’t blame reform for her son Darrell’s death.

Miller runs into a difficult choice during the “Chicago PD” finale. Ultimately, she is forced to do what’s right by the law versus the wellbeing of her son. The article summed that the superintendent’s son had a drug-dealing issue and wound up approaching Sergeant Hank Voight. While Voight believed Darrell was working with a small-time dealer, it proved not to be the case. Despite Voight’s warnings, Darrell persisted in approaching the dealer to put things to rights. Darrell wound up discovering a major sex trafficking ring in his attempt. As the kid tries to help one of the women escape, he’s kidnapped and killed.

The season 9 premiere of “Chicago PD” will most likely feature Miller’s internal struggle. Though she told Voight to stand down with minimal proof, it wound up causing her son’s death indirectly. As both a law enforcement officer and a mother, it makes her responsible with Voight’s knowledge of the situation.

‘Chicago PD’ Characters Will Face Internal Battles in Season 9

Nevertheless, Eid concluded, “I think [Miller] ultimately believes she did the right thing and just didn’t get the right result with her son.” The showrunner also gave more intricate insight into the character’s inner workings when he said that, since season 8 of “Chicago PD” primarily focused on police reform, it tested whether or not the character would follow through with the reform in which she is a proponent.

“It’s just interesting to put somebody who’s a proponent of reform in the face of reform, someone who’s a believer in reform…in a really difficult situation to see if they walk the walk when it really matters,” he shared.

Despite the death of Miller’s son, viewers take satisfaction in knowing that the superintendent stuck to legality and reform conditions. In this way, she proved her value as a leader in the unit.

Further, the new season of “Chicago PD” will definitely feature other characters’ internal struggles following the conclusion of season 8. The proposed time jump in the season premiere will reveal whether Officer Burgess has fully recovered following her ordeal. Additionally, even if she has, she may end up facing the trauma of the event, forced to choose to continue working on processing her trauma outside of work or putting her boots back on the ground and heading into the field.

Further, both Upton and Voight are going to struggle with internal troubles, no doubt. Upton is going to have to face the reality of the individual she shot in protecting Voight. And Voight is simply going to have to figure out where he stands on reform overall.