Chip Gaines Shares Touching Photos of Grandfather as He Shows Appreciation on Veterans Day

by Chase Thomas

One of the co-stars of the hit show Fixer Upper, Chip Gaines is a well-known public figure not just in Waco, Texas, but across the country as well. Gaines took the time Thursday to put together a thoughtful post honoring his grandfather for his service on Veteran’s Day.

The Instagram post featured pictures of his grandfather. The caption reads as followed, “To one of my heros and grandad JB, and all who have served and sacrificed so much for our country. Thank you.. we are forever grateful. #VeteransDay.”

It was a nice note for his grandfather. It was a nice thing to do as a whole as we honor our veterans for this special day.

Chip Gaines Raises Money for Charity

Gaines and his wife Joanna are busy folks, but that does not mean they don’t make the time for the bigger things in life. The couple wants to do good in the world and they prove that with things like their recent charity drive for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Gaines made the point that if a certain amount of money was raised for the charity then he would in fact go bald. The more money that was raised, the shorter his hair would go.

The idea behind Gaines shaving his head for charity came from something else entirely. He had just spent a long period of time during the pandemic simply growing his hair out. Gaines says his wife was not a fan of it. He kept letting it grow. Folks wondered what he was going to do with all that hair. Then, it was suggested to him to include it in some sort of good cause. Well, there is no better cause than a cause like this. It was a done deal that he would cut his long locks for charity.

Gaines said of the hair, “The longer it got, the more opinions started pouring in – people begging me to cut it – so after a certain point, I thought, ‘Why not have some fun with this and see if we can do some good?'”

Chip Gaines Charity Haircut

Then what happened once it came out that that was an option for Gaines and the crew in Waco? He says, “And from there, the team and I got to work.”

After the buzzcut was done, kids surrounded Gaines to see the end result up close. “I could never forget that moment,” Gaines said. He concluded by saying, “It was – hands down – one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I still get goosebumps whenever I look at that picture. It was an honor I know I’ll remember forever.”

Gaines and his wife Joanna star in the show Fixer Upper.