Christian Huff Posts Pics with Fellow ‘Tennis Star’ Sadie Robertson

by Joe Rutland

Christian Huff and his wife Sadie Robertson Huff of “Duck Dynasty” fame work on their tennis game in pictures Huff shares on social media.

Huff and Robertson, in one picture, are shown with tennis rackets and tennis balls in hand and all around them. It’s just one of a series of three photos Huff recently posted to his Instagram account.

The couple gets out and enjoys some of nature’s finest viewing in another photo of a sunset. Another shot that Huff shares is showing Robertson Huff using a camera to take a picture of Huff taking her picture.

It’s all quite cute and very fun for Huff’s fans to see what he and Robertson Huff have been up to in the past few days.

Take a look at Christian Huff sharing these intimate moments.

Christian Huff Said He’d Be Outnumbered At Home Soon

Back in December, Christian Huff made it appear as if he is already getting ready to have a larger house.

His wife Sadie Robertson Huff is pregnant and they have a dog named Cabo. Yep, Huff pretty soon will be one man against three others in the house.

Sadie and Christian’s baby will be a girl after they received results from an ultrasound test.

Now the twosome has been together for a period of time. Christian Huff proposed to Sadie in June 2019 and she accepted. It was the day before she celebrated her 22nd birthday. What a great birthday gift and surprise. They got married in November 2019.

Once COVID-19 restrictions took place, the couple spent time in quarantine throughout 2020. In August, Robertson Huff found out she was pregnant. There was a health scare after a diagnosis of the coronavirus in October, yet she recovered after a period of hospitalization.

Robertson Huff is due to give birth in either late April or early May.

Sadie Robertson Huff and Her Brother’s Wife Are Both Pregnant

Now anyone who knows anything about the “Duck Dynasty” crew knows they have a big family. So it’s no surprise to learn that besides Sadie Robertson Huff, her sister-in-law Mary Kate Robertson is also having a baby.

In November 2020, Mary Kate Robertson is married to Sadie’s brother John Luke and lets the world know she’s pregnant. Now Mary and John already have a son who turned 1 in September 2020. He’s going to have either a baby sister or brother to hang out with pretty soon.

Both babies are going to have cousins that are the same age as them. It is a glorious time to be part of the Robertson family.