Christopher Pennock, ‘General Hospital’ Actor, Dead at 76

by Matthew Wilson

Actor Christopher Pennock has died. Throughout his career, Pennock has appeared on numerous daytime soap operas, notably “General Hospital.”

Pennock passed away on Feb. 12 at the age of 76. While the cause of death hasn’t been revealed, Pennock had reportedly been unwell for several days prior to his death. The actor had been in the hospital where he later died. According to Deadline, doctors diagnosed Pennock with melanoma last year. But it’s unclear if it played a role in his death.

The “Dark Shadows” News Facebook account first reported the actor’s passing on Friday (Feb. 12). They wrote, “It is with tremendous sadness that we share news that #DarkShadows actor Christopher Pennock died peacefully in his sleep in hospital on February 12 at the age of 76.”

Additionally, that Facebook post included a message from Pennock’s wife. The message read: “On this first day of the Tibetan Buddhist New Year, Chris has transitioned into the pure land of Dewachen with complete enlightenment leaving only a rainbow body behind.” Lynn added that “as he leaves us all with all the love we have for him in our hearts, he transitions on one of the Four Wheel Days called Chotrul Dechen [Day of Miracles] very auspicious.”

Christopher Pennock’s Career

Pennock’s career spans both Broadway and the realm of television. The actor got his start back in 1966 as an understudy on the Broadway play “The Rose Tattoo.” Indeed, Broadway would remain a staple of his career. He appeared in other plays such as “A Patriot for Me” among others. But on the TV side of things, Pennock first captured viewers attention on the gothic horror soap opera “Dark Shadows.”

He portrayed both Gabriel Collins and Cyrus Longsworth on that show and remained a staple of that series until it ended in 1971. Since then, Pennock added several other TV shows to his impressive resume. He made guest appearances on “The Love Boat,” “The A-Team,” and “Baywatch” among other shows. Soap opera fans will remember him for his role as Mitch Williams on “General Hospital” and later as Steven Petrie on “The Young and the Restless.”

Since his passing, several of Pennock’s fellow actors paid tribute to the actor and his work including “Dark Shadows” actor David Selby. Selby described him as both “talented and dedicated.”

Pennock survived by his wife, Lynn Pennock, and daughter Tara.