‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Debate What Characters They Want to See In the Revival

by Quentin Blount

Which characters would you like to see back on Criminal Minds when the hit series returns for a revival on Paramount+?

Ever since fans of the popular crime show found out that Paramount+ was bringing it back for a reboot, they have wondered which, in any, of their favorite characters would return. Especially considering that it has been a year since the original series ended.

Fans took to the /r/CriminalMinds forum on Reddit to discuss that exact topic earlier this summer. As a matter of fact, Reddit user u/GhostoftheTreeHugger went as far as to say that if Hotch isn’t in the Criminal Minds revival series, there will be a lot of fans who won’t watch it.

“If we look at the sudden drop in ratings after Hotch left (this was in the millions) we can clearly see that people weren’t happy with the fact that he was gone,” they said. “I do hope they bring him back, even if it is in an extra capacity.”

For those out there who don’t know, it’s actor Thomas Gibson who played Aaron Hotchner in the CBS television series. He starred on the show from 2005 until 2016. And evidently, he has quite the fan base.

“I watched the show for Hotch, not for anyone else,” the original post continued. “And after he was gone nothing felt right. So, I hope they do bring him back. At least for the fans who gave up on the show after he went away.”

Fans Respond to Which ‘Criminal Minds’ Characters They Want Back

It wasn’t just the original poster who loves Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds. There were several fans who left replies agreeing that Hotchner is what made the series so good.

“Sameee. He was one of my favorite characters,” another fan agreed. “The show doesn’t feel the same without him [to be honest].”

Another fellow Redditor said that the show made a huge mistake in firing him.

“They made a huge mistake in firing him and then never ever bringing up his character again. Thomas should be in other episodes as guest stars. I do get it, there was some bad blood between him and one of the directors (or was it a writer? not sure) but people change and that issue could have been dealt with much better.”

Are you one of the fans that feel the same way? If so, there is actually a petition that you can sign to help bring him back! Check it out here.

Criminal Minds is without a doubt one of the longest-running primetime shows in the history of television. After a 15-season run that ended in 2020, it has a huge fan base. So, no matter who they decide to bring back, the show will still likely see high viewership.