‘CSI: Vegas’ Creator Describes Ritual He Has for Gil and Sara

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Vegas” executive producer Anthony Zuiker has been working with Jorja Fox and William Petersen for a long time; 16 seasons, in fact. So it’s no wonder that he has little things that he likes to do with them that remind them of the old times on “CSI.” Zuiker told Entertainment Tonight that he has a ritual that he does on set with Fox and Petersen.

“I’m always the first face Billy sees when he comes to set,” said Zuiker. “I will stand in front of his trailer, until he pulls up, with my script.” He went on to say that once he gets Petersen’s feedback on the script, he’ll then go to Fox’s trailer and get her feedback “because sometimes his dialogue affects her dialogue.”

Zuiker calls it “a surreal ritual” that he’s kept from their days on “CSI” together. Comparing notes, so to speak. He also spoke about how easy it was for them all to come back to the set for “CSI: Vegas.”

“I’ve caught myself at times on set in the director’s chair with headsets on watching those two act and just marveling at the fact that it’s just so natural for them,” Zuiker continued, “and how they could just snap back into the characters with such ease.” It’s almost like no time has gone by for Sara and Grissom, except for, you know, the obvious time that has indeed gone by. Everyone looks a little older, but their passion and excitement for the characters remains.

“It’s really a delight,” Zuiker said. “They make it look so easy and it’s really watching the magic continue.”

‘CSI: Vegas’: Anthony Zuiker Says the Set Transports Him to 2000

In the same interview with Entertainment Tonight, Anthony Zuiker commented on the nature of the “CSI: Vegas” set and working with his old stars.

“It was great to see the new faces and the veteran faces. It was great to be back in Billy [Petersen’s] trailer arm-wrestling dialogue as usual, but it was cool,” he said. “When they say ‘action,’ it’s happening. It brings you back to 2000 when it first started.”

It’s been 21 years since “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” aired. In that time, science and technology has changed, and “CSI: Vegas” is keeping up with the times. The show features an all new crime lab that Sara and Grissom have had to learn. But not only is it keeping up with the scientific times; it’s keeping up with the creative times as well.

Fans now want to see more from their favorite characters. They want a connection, and more than just what they do at work. That’s what “CSI” focused on, but “CSI: Vegas” is taking fans to the next level of character development. Stay tuned to “CSI: Vegas” for more about Sara, Grissom, Maxine Roby, and the entire team as the show delves deeper into their personal lives.