‘CSI: Vegas’: Grissom Leaves Fans with a Cliff Hanger at Conclusion of Episode 1

by Lauren Boisvert

CSI is back in a big way now with the premiere of CSI: Vegas. There’s a good balance of nostalgia and newness in the series, with the return of Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom. Grissom actually left the series premiere on a cliff hanger; what better way to get viewers and fans back for the second episode?

Fans knew Grissom was coming back, but they didn’t expect him to only show up in the last minute of the premiere. It seems cruel if you think about it. One commenter on Twitter called out CSI: Vegas for this very act, writing, “Mean of y’all to only show him in the last minute but we will forgive you,” to which the official CSI: Vegas Twitter page responded, “Can we make it up to you next week?”

The moment was long overdue for fans, anyway; they got Sara Sidle in the entire episode, where was her other half? No Sidle wihout Grissom, and no Grissom without Sidle, after all. But he’s apparently going to be featured heavily in the rest of the 10-episode series, so don’t fret.

Grissom left the episode on a great line, though. One that sums up the entirety of CSI: Vegas and what they’re trying to do at the crime lab. When asked what they’re supposed to do now, the camera pans from Sara Sidle as she looks to her right. Revealed is Gil Grissom, who says, “Follow the evidence.”

Chills, I tell you. “I couldn’t have said it better, Grissom,” wrote the CSI: Vegas Twitter page when they posted the clip.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Going Nuts for Grissom’s Return

A few fans on Twitter could barely contain their excitement at finally seeing Grissom on screen again. “WHAT A WAY TO END THE EPISODE. GIL GRISSOM IS BACK,” said one user enthusiastically.

Another simply wrote, “Grisssooommmm see you in next week.”

One user seemed a bit frustrated but not surprised that CSI: Vegas held their Grissom card until the last moment. They wrote on Twitter, “Classic CSI Cliff Hanger – Last-minute appearance by the person we wanted in first scene.”

It’s only natural that CSI: Vegas held off on revealing Grissom right away. He’s their big draw, alongside Sara, for the legacy fans. The show wants to up the anticipation to make the final moment oh-so-sweet and keep fans coming back. A smart move, if you ask me.

Now that Grissom and Sara are finally in the same room together, hopefully, we’ll get some cute married couple moments out of them. They seem too professional to even kiss each other on the cheek in the crime lab, so maybe some at-home moments on the boat or wherever they’re living now.

CSI: Vegas creator Anthony Zuiker said in a recent interview that the show would differ from the original because of the moments at home with the characters. That seems promising in terms of character development and forming lasting bonds with these characters, especially the new ones.

So, here’s to Grissom finally being back in the crime lab, doing what he does best: following the evidence.