Dakota Johnson Says Alfred Hitchcock Ruined Her Grandmother’s Career

by Keeli Parkey

If you know much about the career of famous Hollywood director Alfred Hitchcock, you will know that he often cast beautiful blondes as the lead actresses in his films. The list of these actresses includes Janet Leigh, Kim Novak, Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Eva Marie Saint, and also Tippi Hedren.

During a recent interview, actress Dakota Johnson – the famous granddaughter of one of those beautiful Hitchcock blondes, as they have been called – claimed that the famous director ruined her grandmother’s career.

The beautiful Hitchcock blonde at the topic of this article is actress Tippi Hedren. She appeared in two Alfred Hitchcock films during her career. Those films were his classic “The Birds,” and also the lesser-known film, “Marnie,” which also starred Sean Connery.

Tippi Hedren’s famous granddaughter is Dakota Johnson. As fans of Johnson or Hedren are aware, Hedren is the mother of movie star Melanie Griffith. Johnson is Griffith’s daughter with actor Don Johnson.

Based on what she said during a recent podcast appearance, Dakota Johnson is no fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s, according to FOX News. Johnson claimed that because Hedren did not have a sexual relationship with the director of such films as “Vertigo” and “Psycho,” that he sabotaged Hedren’s acting career.

“She’s always been really honest and firm about standing up for yourself. That’s what she did. (Alfred) Hitchcock ruined her career because she didn’t want to sleep with him, and he terrorized her,” Johnson shared.

Dakota Johnson Said Alleged Behavior By Alfred Hitchcock was ‘Completely Unacceptable’

How director Alfred Hitchcock treated Hedren, according to Johnson, was “completely unacceptable.”

“It’s completely unacceptable for people in a position of power to wield that power over someone in a weaker position, no matter the industry. It’s hard to talk about because she’s my grandmother. You don’t want to imagine somebody taking advantage of your grandmother,” Dakota Johnson also said.

According to her granddaughter, Tippi Hedren is a very wise woman. And Hedren has passed on many of the hard lessons that she learned during her Hollywood career to her famous daughter and her famous granddaughter.

One of those lessons was “you do not put up with that s**t from anybody,” Johnson also said. The young actress then added: “She would say it in a far more eloquent way. She’s such a glamorous movie star, still.” 

Dakota Johnson’s comments about Alfred Hitchcock are not the first a member of her family have shared about the famous director. Tippi Hedren herself has come out publically and described her experiences with the director. It wasn’t a good experience, according to the actress.

“It was a wonderful, wonderful time. I’d never done a film before and I was — I guess he saw a commercial that I did — and … he found out who I was, where I was. He then quickly put me under contract. And then he pulls that … that card. … I was saddened that he did this … I said, ‘I’m not interested in this. I’m not going to fall for this,'” Tippi Hedren said in 2017.

Dakota Johnson, 32, is known for her roles in the “Fifty Shades” film series. Her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, is 91. Johnson’s mother, Melanie Griffith, is 64.