‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pros Weigh In on Tyra Banks Taking Over Hosting Role After Tom Bergeron Firing

by Emily Morgan

When viewers said goodbye to Tom Bergeron on “Dancing With The Stars” after 15 years, they had no idea who would step into his shoes. Yet, once the former “America’s Next Top Model” host Tyra Banks booked the gig, fans of the show were excited to see how the veteran model would take on another reality TV job. 

Although her time on the show hasn’t been without its flaws, Banks has still received high praise from dancing professionals. 

During an interview with Us Weekly, dancing experts Sasha Farber and Emma Slater sang Tyra Banks’ praises. While COVID-19 regulations kept them from getting to know each other well, the couple had nothing but nice things to say about the Banks’ hosting duties. 

“I think she did an amazing job,” Slater told the outlet. She added, “I really did. I think her personality. … She’s larger than life. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I would have loved to have gotten to know her more on a personal level. Because of COVID we couldn’t, but I think she did a phenomenal job.”

Additionally, Slater commended Banks for beautifully handling a major blunder in just the second week of the season. During the mishap, Banks announced that the wrong couple was safe.

“The way that she handled that situation when there was sort of misinformation between her cue cards and the prompter, I actually thought she did a really great job with that,” she explained. 

She added, “That was a difficult situation and not many people could have really handled that, and I think that she did it kind of seamlessly. So … kudos to her. She did a great job.

Tyra Banks Not Yet Named ‘DWTS’ Host for Season 30

Although the network hasn’t announced whether or not Banks or Slater will be back for season 30, however, Slater hopes they can get to each other better now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifting. 

 “I feel like now, hopefully with this [new] season, I don’t know how the COVID restrictions are going to go,” Slater said. “Like, we really don’t know anything. If I’m back, I definitely will [reach out to Banks]. We’ll be, like, knocking on Tyra’s door and be like, ‘Hey, let’s hang.'”

Farber shared the same sentiment as his wife and applauded the show for keeping everyone safe during the pandemic. 

“I think the show did such a great job,” he said. “Like, that’s when COVID was in the midst of it and we were the only show that did a live show in the studio and we managed to do it so safely. The crew were incredible.” 

The pair also told the publication that they were still in contact with Bergeron and his former co-host Erin Andrews. “I’ve texted Tom,” Slater said. “We texted Erin a little bit beforehand, but I’ve texted Tom [for] a birthday of his [and] wished him a happy birthday. [He] says, well, ‘We’ve got to meet up.'”