David Spade Remembered Fight with Chris Farley on ‘Tommy Boy’

by Clayton Edwards

For those who experienced their magic in the 90s, it’s hard to imagine a better comedy duo than David Spade and Chris Farley. Movies like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep are comedic gold. Additionally, their work on Saturday Night Live is legendary. Farley and Spade were all over the big and small screens until Farley’s tragic passing in 1997. Some of the best parts of those movies were the extreme blowout fights when Spade and Farley’s personalities clashed a little too much. It turns out that the epic duo didn’t save those huge fights for the cameras.

Recently, David Spade looked back at a huge fight they had on the set of Tommy Boy while talking to Rob Lowe on the Everything Comedy podcast.

David Spade Tells the Story of His and Chris Farley’s Big Fight

First of all, David Spade talked about how much they were working. They were shooting Tommy Boy while also working on Saturday Night Live. They would work on Tommy Boy in Toronto on Monday and Tuesday. Then, they would fly to New York on Wednesday to read through the SNL script. After that, they’d fly back to shoot on Thursday and fly back to New York to be there Friday and Saturday for SNL. At 1 am, they would fly back to Toronto, shoot for Tommy Boy on Sunday and start the week over again.

 By the time they got near the end of Tommy Boy, they were both spread too thin. David Spade said they were fighting like “an old married couple,” at that point. This, he said, was mostly because they were constantly together.

After shooting SNL one week, they flew back to Toronto. Chris Farley asked what time they had to be on set the next morning. Then, told David Spade he didn’t feel well and was going to bed. This is where Rob Low comes into the story. Lowe was in Tommy Boy as well. So, he and Spade met up for a quick drink at the hotel bar before bed.

The next day, Chris Farley was angry that David Spade and Rob Lowe went for drinks without him. They had words about it a couple of times but it culminated in a physical fight.

Spade said they were waiting for a scene to begin and he was sitting on the ground while eating a tuna sandwich. Farley stood over him smoking a cigarette. Then, he tried to start the fight about Rob Lowe again. However, Spade refused to get into it again. As a result, Farley stepped on Spade’s hand as well as his sandwich. Spade jumped up, then Farley shoved him down a flight of stairs. As Spade stood up and dusted himself off, he heard the director call “action” on the scene.