‘Deadliest Catch: Bloodline’: Watch Crew Battle Shark for Fish in Epic New Episode Clip

by Courtney Blackann

Fighting with storming seas and huge swells is one thing to land a successful catch. Fighting with sharks is another. In a new teaser for “Deadliest Catch: Bloodline” the crew takes on something they’re not altogether used to when a team of sharks rains on their fishing parade.

Posted to Twitter, the Discovery channel spin-off shared a clip of the latest episode.

“Competing with sharks for fish? Let’s see how this goes… Watch #DeadliestCatch: Bloodline NOW on @Discovery or streaming on @discoveryplus,” the clip was captioned.

“Bloodline” is in its first season as captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus head south – way south to the blue waters of Hawaii to fish.

The video shows the guys hooking some big one, only to be ripped off their line by some hungry hammerheads. The frustrating routine appears to happen over and over again.

While the team won’t be battling the cold or gusts of 50 mph winds, they’ll still have their battles.

‘Deadliest Catch: Bloodline’ is a Happy Accident

The late Phil Harris, dad to Josh and Jake, left behind some fishing maps that center on the Kona region of Hawaii. As an ode to his memory, Josh Harris decided to embark on an adventure and see where the maps would lead.

The Discovery team also thought this would be a fun idea and decided to tag along to film their journey. What followed would be a successful spinoff.

After consulting with fellow captain Casey McManus, the two decided to go for it.

“…we’re getting on an airplane and we’re going to Hawaii. We’re really doing it. They were already filming us doing the boat stuff. So they’re like, ‘well, we’ll, we’ll tag along to this. This sounds interesting.’ And they [Discovery] do a full blown show! We didn’t anticipate that we were going to shoot for this, it just kind of happened.  I’ll say that there’s talks about still going back and doing another round [of Bloodline],” Harris said.

Additionally, Harris said the whole experience made him feel that much closer to his father. After Phil Harris’ death, Josh wanted to remain in the fishing business but couldn’t afford a vessel on his own. He went into business with partner and co-captain McManus and the two went into business.

Traveling to Hawaii to trace his father’s footsteps helped Harris respect the fisherman his father was.

“Also, I learned about what my dad was doing it in Hawaii, and running into people that he met and things like, [my dad] had a sign that’s on the walls still today in this office [which] is kind of funny to read what he’d wrote to people. Because I remember, back in the day, when we get together and do the Catch Cons and the stuff that he would write on people’s autograph cards,” he said.

The area in Hawaii is lush with tropical reefs, gorgeous green hills and tons of cultural history. “Deadliest Catch: Bloodline” is in its first season.