‘Deadliest Catch’: How Many Seasons Featured Late Star Nick McGlashan?

by Amy Myers

In honor of late crew member, Nick McGlashan, Deadliest Catch recently created a tribute episode. McGlashan was an integral part of the show since his first appearance in 2013.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Loses Nick McGlashan to Addiction

On December 27, the cast of Deadliest Catch received the tragic news that the deck boss of the Summer Bay crew, Nick McGlashan, died from a drug overdose. Before his untimely death, McGlashan struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol and even attended rehab in his later years with the show.

As the stars of the show came to grips with the loss of their good friend and crewmate, they began to organize a memorial to celebrate his life. The tribute aired in a recent episode of Deadliest Catch. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the ceremony ended with one final casting of McGlashan’s hook and firing of expired flares. Star of the show, Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski, said this was so “Nick can see us.”

McGlashan’s Legacy on ‘Deadliest Catch’

Nick McGlashan first appeared on Deadliest Catch in its ninth season aboard the Cape Caution as a deckhand. According to his Discovery biography, McGlashan had saltwater in his blood. Several of his relatives were crabbers, themselves, including his great uncle, “who worked on the first boat rumored to have pioneered the U.S. crab industry, the F/V Deep Sea, built in 1947.”

When McGlashan joined the Cape Caution crew, he was a young face among crabbing veterans. In his first episode, the bright-eyed 25-year-old offered insight for easier ways to handle the ship’s controls. After coaching Kerby Mitchell, the crew’s crab haul improves substantially. They begin to pull in full cages, racking in double digits each time.

“Ah yeah, this is a nice one,” McGlashan exclaims as he holds a large, squirming crab with both hands. The rest of the deck cheers behind him. Immediately, the new crew member proved his worth to Captain Wild Bill.

In his last episode in season 17, Nick McGlashan has since graduated to Deck Boss of Summer Bay. While the now 33-year-old has changed as he’s become a more seasoned crabber, some things still remained the same. For one, McGlashan was still joined by his first Captain, Wild Bill. He also still worked just as hard on the deck as his first day and adorned his trademark red raincoat.

Throughout his eight seasons on Deadliest Catch, McGlashan left an impact on each crew member he worked with, especially his captain and longtime friend.

“I lost a trusted friend, an outstanding employee, and a brother in life,” Wichrowski said, according to Yahoo! Entertainment during the tribute ceremony. “We’re gonna say goodbye to Nick McGlashan, but he’ll always be with us. Love you, Nick. Love everything about you.”