‘Deadliest Catch’: The One Scene Leaving Fans Questioning the ‘Realness’ of the Series

by Jon D. B.

Recent seasons of Deadliest Catch have some fans deeply lamenting the ‘reality series’ vibe the show has taken on over it’s ‘documentary’ roots.

While Deadliest Catch remains a Discovery favorite, certain fans are festering in frustration. And as the internet allows, their concerns are bubbling over on the show’s ever-active Reddit board. One fan in particular, the aptly-named Redditor Snotters, has written a recent op-ed on how far the show has fallen.

“For the past 6 weeks I’ve been watching the whole show from the beginning, several episodes every day (the joys of working from home). I’ve seen the show gradually degenerate from a genuine fly on the wall documentary full of drama, laughs, sorrow and general high entertainment, into a show aimed at the lowest common denominator – a sort of Love Island on the Bering Sea,” begins Snotters.

For the Deadliest Catch fan, the “rot in with Season 15. In the now-infamous run, the introduction of the “dastardly villain Steve Harley Davison” seems to have ruined everything for them.

“The repeated stock phrases from the captains every time they appear on screen, even if it’s only five minutes apart,” Snotters says, is “pathetic.”

Them’s strong words, Snotters! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The moment Deadliest Catch “truly scraped the barrel,” the Redditor says, is “the moment where the producers truly gave the viewer no credit for the slightest intelligence…”

Because of it all, Snotters wants to know, “how much the cast of actors – for this is what they’re been reduced to – are being paid to make themselves appear so pathetic.”

More strong words! This, of course, leaves Outsider curious. Do other fans feel the same?

‘Deadliest Catch Fans Sound Off on Show’s ‘Degeneration’

Some do. Others, not so much. Frequent Deadliest Catch commenter ChillioPhillio attempts to clear the air.

“They switched from a documentary producer to reality producer around the same year or so if that clears anything up,” Phillio replies. “And trust me, nobody did that cheesy bulls*** without complaints.”

According to the Redditor, there have been arguments with the Deadliest Catch producers about “how nobody would believe this scene and to quit making them say things that the captain wouldn’t ever say normally because it’s not real.”

One user, Morph1973, cites a particular scene that made them question everything on the show.

“I was a bit suspicious about the scene in the airport leading up to Bill getting the sad news on the phone about Nick (RIP),” they respond. “Why would they be filming that stuff? Unless maybe the producers had already heard and knew what the contents of the call to Bill would be, in which case I am not sure what I think about that…”

Perhaps this Redditor, however, sums it all up best. ChronicBuzz187 is nostalgic for the days when “Keith chased one of the Deadliest Catch producers all across the boat because he didn’t want to get him a coffee and Sig and Edgar almost got into a fistfight over some minor crap…”

Us, too, pal. Us too.