‘Dexter: New Blood’: Things Get Tense as Dexter Faces Chance of Getting Caught

by Jonathan Howard

Things are not off to a great start on Dexter: New Blood for the beloved title character. He is not quite out of danger’s way. After an exciting episode 2, the third chapter of this season is going to give us some important progress.

Clancy Brown has made his appearance finally at the end of the last episode. Now, his character, Kurt Caldwell is gearing up to be the antagonist for Dexter. Just how long will the former killer be able to hold off before slicing into the local businessman and unofficial mayor of Iron Lake?

While he was able to avoid any killings for 10 years, that hasn’t lasted very long since the show began. Dexter has Matt tucked away right under his feet and the police are very interested in Mr. Morgan. Of course, girlfriend Angela is proving to be a good cop with a nose for the suspicious. That could come back to bite our main character in the butt.

The stakes are already getting high for Dexter and it has only been two episodes. Dexter: New Blood is already bringing the suspense. Throw in the fatherly duties that he must now take on, things are getting complicated and fast. Harison could end up being a bigger liability than a blessing. However, that remains to be seen.

For now, Harrison is trying to get into school in Iron Lake. He had to take an entrance exam and ended up performing very well on it according to the episode 3 promo. Despite that, Dexter, or should we say, Jim Lindsay, is less excited and more curious. He finds himself questioning if his son had cheated on the exam. For the former serial killer of serial killers, that is a strange line to draw in the sand.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Iron Lake Provides Perfect Setting

When compared to the busy life of Miami, Iron Lake in Dexter: New Blood is like a serene paradise. However, that isn’t how it’s going to always be and has already started to delve into a bit of chaos. The cold, snowy, wild backdrops give a new feel to the story. No ocean to take bodies and dump them, few buildings to do his work…Dexter has to rethink his process.

Part of the great setting means that the show has real nature shots. While the fictional town of Iron Lake is supposed to be in upstate New York, the show was filmed in Massachusetts. In a small community, the producers and show creators transformed the town into Iron Lake. Even the storefronts are all real shops outside of the show.

Jim Lindsay in Iron Lake, NY. That is where we stand with Dexter: New Blood. Episode 3 next week is going to bring more answers and likely even more questions. We will find out if Harrison is going to get into school and what is next for the recently reunited family.