‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Shares Hilarious Conversation ‘on the Way Back’ from Airplane Toilet

by Keeli Parkey

If you spend enough time on an airplane, chances are you will have to have a conversation with someone you have never met before you took to the skies. These conversations are usually mundane. However, celebrity Mike Rowe recently had a very interesting exchange with a fellow passenger.

And, according to a social media post the former “Dirty Jobs” host shared on Monday, Aug. 9, his humorous encounter took place while he was returning to his seat after using the airplane’s, let’s say, facilities.

He started his social media post with the title, “Conversations On The Way Back From The Crapper.”

It was Mike Rowe who began the conversation with a stranger on an airplane. Apparently, Rowe was motivated to talk to his fellow passenger after noticing the man’s shirt and mask combination. (Who hasn’t coordinated their mast with their outfit during the COVID-19 pandemic, after all?)

The passenger’s shirt and mask matched exactly. This, unsurprisingly, was not lost on the popular television personality.

“… I’m curious, did (the shirt and mask) come as a pair, or did you just happen to find a mask that matches your shirt? Or a shirt that matches your mask?” Mike Rowe wanted to know.

Interestingly, this mask-wearing flight passenger did not have an exclusive matching shirt/mask connection. His matching shirt/mask combo came about under much more mundane circumstances.

“… I just cut a chunk of material from the bottom of my shirt and sewed it into a mask,” Rowe shared as part of the passenger’s response to his mask-related questions.

The Flight Passenger Mike Rowe Encountered Said ‘All’ of His Shirts Have a ‘Matching Mask’

Turns out, this matching mask-shirt combination is not the only one Mike Rowe’s new “friend” owns. And, he’s definitely serious about that.

“As a matter of fact all of my shirts now have a matching mask,” Rowe recounted his fellow passenger as saying. “… No. I don’t joke about fashion.”

Hearing this, Mike Rowe had additional questions for the man.

“Have you considered filing for a patent and selling whatever pattern you use to create these masks along with some simple instructions on how to make a mask out of the bottom of a shirt?” Rowe asked.

Finally, the passenger realized that he was talking to a celebrity. And, he was able to pinpoint one of the shows Mike Rowe is famous for. Once he realized that Rowe was a famous narrator, the passenger decided that Rowe could narrate the commercials for his mask/shirt combos.

“Hey, tell me something – if I start selling a simple instruction guide on the Internet about how to make a mask out of the bottom of a shirt, will you narrate the commercial?” the passenger asked Rowe.

Unfortunately, we will never know the outcome of this conversation. Because, as Mike Rowe, shares, turbulence intervened.