‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Reveals What His ‘Hardest’ Job Was in New Interview

by Courtney Blackann

When it comes to getting down and dirty, no one does it better than Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe. The beloved jack-of-all-trades sat down for an interview to reveal the toughest job he’s ever worked on.

Although Rowe helped with more than 300 gritty jobs, there’s one that stuck out in his mind. The handy man explained the exasperating process of trying jackhammer cement from inside a cement drum – those are the spinning drums often seen on trucks driving along the highway.

“What no one tells you about cement mixers is that when you see one going down the highway, on the inside a tiny, little layer of cement forms on the inside of the drum,” Rowe said in his interview with East Idaho News.

“By the end of the day, the big drum is full of dried cement. I had to climb inside and get all the concrete off with a jackhammer. You keep having to knock them off and throw away the concrete…I had to wear goggles, a respirator…I worked 12 hours,” Rowe said.

Of all the hard jobs, gross jobs or messy jobs, Rowe said he’s really lucky to be a part of the process.

“You have to remember what everyone else in the world is doing. It’s not just you,” he said. “Those guys who work on those concrete trucks, they have to do it every day. I get to do something most people don’t. I get to go to a different job every day.”

Growing up, Rowe valued the “everyday man,” especially his grandfather. Because of this, Rowe said the inspiration for Dirty Jobs was born out of wanting to highlight everyday jobs that people do.

His interest in showcasing regular jobs is a reminder that everyday workers have good things to offer.

Mike Rowe’s Most Embarrassing Moment

Before the “Dirty Jobs” guru was plucking cement off the inside of a drum, he was the host of a late night segment on the popular shopping network QVC. During one particular stint, Rowe noticed an inconveniencing grumble in the pit of his stomach.

“I had just eaten a really large burrito and it wanted to come out. But I was on live,” Rowe said in the interview.

While trying to get his director’s attention, Rowe said the feeling in his stomach grew increasingly worse as he got rather uncomfortable.

After finally rushing to the bathroom to relieve himself, Rowe said he realized his microphone was still one.

“Lots of people heard a lot of bad sounds,” Rowe said.

The worst part of the humiliating moment was that while he was doing his business, he was also singing “Oklahoma!” show tunes.

But whatever embarrassment came from the incident, Rowe is able to laugh about it now.