‘Dirty Jobs’ New Trailer Released: ‘Strap in Folks’

by Chase Thomas

Dirty Jobs is coming back, folks. January 2, 2022, at 8:00 PM EST.

On Instagram, Mike Rowe posted a new trailer highlighting what is to come on the new season of Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.

The video highlights all the various jobs Rowe has done over the years, how unique the show is, from the fact that the show does not do second-cuts, why even Rowe and the staff never know what to expect doing any given job. Like Rowe said, “it’s an honest look at work” and that there is no scripting or a whole lot of planning that goes into an individual episode.

Lessons from ‘Dirty Jobs’

Rowe has always had a different perspective on the American Dream and work. He has also never been afraid to offer his unique perspective on work and how to view it. He said of the show, “If there was a recurring lesson on ‘Dirty Jobs,’ it was to understand how many people we featured on that show that looked like they were doing something that should have made them miserable, but were in fact very, very happy in their work. And surprisingly prosperous.”

The way Rowe sees it, young folks make the mistake of wasting too much time trying to follow their passion. It is a tough road to follow your passion and the way he sees it is that rarely do you end up finding that job you’re looking for in the end. It’s nice to be passionate about something, but you can develop tunnel vision as Rowe alludes to here. On the show, Rowe works and highlights all sorts of jobs. He is honest about it. His perspective is informed by his conversations with the folks he worked with. Those folks were “happy” with their work, even if it wasn’t their passion early on.

He continues, “The truth is, [for] most passionate people on [‘Dirty Jobs’] anyway, [they] weren’t passionate about what they were doing when they started doing it.”

He does not pretend that this is what these folks dreamed of doing when they were growing up, but they saw an opportunity. They became good at it. And now it is paying off with a career and skill they are happy doing. Life can be funny like that. Rowe sees that with the show and we figure to see more of that this season in 2022.