‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Jokingly Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Ride an Elevator With His Father

by Thad Mitchell

Mike Rowe, former host of “Dirty Jobs,” might just be one of the most interesting people roaming the earth.

Mike Rowe has been there and done that all over the world and has fascinating stories to tell of his adventures. The 59-year-old former opera singer is most known for his time on “Dirty Jobs” but he’s done a plethora of media work in his time. He’s built an excellent career for himself by tracking down the world’s most interesting people and sharing their stories.

He is currently hosting “returning the favor” which airs on Facebook. The series sees Mike Rowe search out people doing good deeds and then he does something nice for them in return.

Today (Saturday), Mike Rowe is celebrating “National Talk in an Elevator” Day. The obscure national holiday is every easy to participate in. You just find an elevator, hop right in and start a conversation with your fellow elevator riders. I know what you’re thinking — National Talk in an Elevator Day sounds awesome — and you are right my friends. But National Talk in an Elevator Day is not for everyone. In fact, Mike Rowe says there is one person you should avoid completely in an elevator — his father. Rowe took to social media recently to share his thoughts on the holiday and why it should be celebrated with caution.

Mike Rowe Shares Elevator Advice

“Going up?” Rowe says to kick off his social media post. “It’s come to my attention that today, incredibly, is ‘National Talk in an Elevator Day.'”

Mike Rowe then goes on to explain his father’s fondness for speaking with strangers in an elevator. It is such an ordeal that his mother wrote about in her second book.

“Several years ago, as some of you know, my mother wrote me a letter that wound up as a chapter in her second book,” Mike Rowe explains. “The chapter is called Elevator Man. It tells the true story of my father’s complete and total inability to remain silent while riding in an elevator with strangers. Here is the letter that inspired the story, as read by yours truly. It made me laugh three years ago, and it made me laugh this morning.”

In the video accompanying the post, Mike Rowe reads his mother’s letter. It is quite hilarious and well worth a listen on a lazy Saturday.

His father’s love of chatting up strangers inside of a tiny box going up or down is one that many people share. So go out there and celebrate National Talk in an Elevator Day as best you can. You might even make a new friend or two.