Dog the Bounty Hunter Marries Fiancée Francie in Romantic Colorado Ceremony

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, Duane Chapman – better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter – tied the knot with his fiancée in a romantic ceremony in Colorado.

Chapman and Francie Frane got married today in Colorado Springs where they held the wedding and its reception. The couple have been engaged since May 2020 after forming a strong bond after each lost their spouse to cancer. Just last month, Chapman spoke about the couple’s upcoming wedding in an exclusive UsWeekly interview.

“This isn’t just a wedding ceremony, it’s going to be a marriage,” Dog the Bounty Hunter told UsWeekly. “I knew Francie was the one almost straight away. And we’re both looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.”

Previously, he opened up about he and Francie’s special bond. She helped him deal with the devastating loss of his wife Beth in June 2019. Francie herself lost her husband six months prior to Beth’s death because of cancer as well.

“We hooked up on the phone and started talking to each other, crying and consoling each other. Then, one thing led to another,” Chapman explained to TMZ in May 2020.

Francie is the 68-year-old’s sixth wife after getting married once again. While the happy couple got hitched earlier today, Chapman has been surrounded with controversy. In the very recent past, the reality television star has been embroiled in a family feud. Additionally, he’s had to defend himself against claims of racism and homophobia, including from his own daughter, Bonnie.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Addresses Claims of Racism and Homophobia

On Wednesday, Entertainment Tonight released a recent interview with Dog the Bounty Hunter. While speaking to the outlet, he addressed the claims against him, including from his own daughter.

“I have never been a racist. I’m 33 1/2 percent Apache,” he said to Entertainment Tonight. He went on to explain that he thought he had a “pass” to use certain slurs, and shared his reasoning for thinking so.

“I thought I had a pass in the Black tribe to use it, kind of like Eminem,” Chapman explained. “I had just gotten out of prison in 1979 after spending 18 months in Texas. And it was probably three-quarters from the Black tribe. So, that was a word that we used back and forth as maybe a compliment. My pass expired for using it, but no one told me that. To say a racist name doesn’t qualify to make you a racist.”

Later on in the interview, Dog the Bounty Hunter addressed his daughter’s homophobic claims as well.

“I have three people on my staff that are gay men. My daughter [Lyssa] is gay. I don’t understand why anybody would ever say that,” he said.

He turned emotional when speaking further on the subject saying, “Would I die for a gay man or a black man? I’d lay down my life.”