Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Speaks Out About His Upcoming Wedding

by Matthew Wilson

Everyone’s a critic. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa took to social media to defend her father from an online user’s rant. One Twitter user criticized Duane Chapman for announcing his pending wedding to fiancée, Francie Fran. The two are tying the knot after getting engaged last year.

Some have criticized Chapman for moving on too soon after his wife Beth passed away. Chapman proposed to Fran just a year after he lost Beth to cancer. One user, in particular, said she couldn’t think of marrying someone so soon after her husband of 28-years passed. She inferred that Chapman was disrespecting Beth’s memory by doing so.

They wrote, “I’ve been with my husband 28 yrs and if something happened to him no way could I think about marrying someone else especially that soon after they passed my kids would be furious with me and even if they weren’t I could never do my husband’s memory of our love and marriage like.”

Cue a response from Lyssa Chapman. And the reality star didn’t hold back when it came to defending her father. Unleashing her claws, Chapman called out the user and also had some pretty choice words. The message is clear. No one badmouths her father without feeling her fury.

She wrote: “God fobid something happen to your husband, I have no doubt your miserable a– WILL be alone FOREVER. Although I doubt it will be by choice. AMEN.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter on Tying the Knot

The wedding is planned for just under a month away on Sept. 2nd. Now that he’s close to tying the knot with his future bride, Dog the Bounty Hunter is discussing his relationship. He said he didn’t want to rush into anything.

According to Chapman, both he and Fran bonded over their grief. Like Chapman, Fran also lost her spouse. Her husband Bob passed away three years ago. Chapman said Fran entered her life and helped him with his grief over Beth.

Chapman also turned to the Bible for guidance. He focused on the story of Adam and Eve. He said he realized that God wanted people to have companionship. So he decided to propose to Fran.

“Francie’s husband passed away over three years ago, Beth passed away over two years ago, and I felt very bad about even wanting to have someone else after Beth,” he explained. “And then when I went to the Bible, the Genesis, and found out how Adam got Eve, as I was going to find the exact story, I saw the scripture that says, ‘God does not want a man to be alone.’ He knows we need a companion, whether we’re a man or a woman. So anyway, yes, September 2nd.”