Donnie and Mark Wahlberg Included in Wednesday ‘Jeopardy!’ Question

by Quentin Blount

It feels like we see Donnie and Mark Wahlberg everywhere nowadays. They are so popular that they were even included in a puzzle during the latest episode of Jeopardy! on Wednesday night.

That’s right — no matter whether you are a Jeopardy! fan, a Marky Mark fan, a New Kids on the Block fan, or a Blue Bloods fan, you are going to love this latest story. Between Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, we all know that the Wahlberg family has been on top of the entertainment industry for some time now. But when your name officially appears in a Jeopardy! puzzle, that’s when you know you have really made it.

The puzzle had the following hint: “Brothers Paul, Mark, & Donnie founded this food joint now in 20 states including, of course, Massachusetts.”

The answer, of course, is Wahlburgers — the casual dining burger restaurant and bar chain. The franchise is owned by chef Paul Wahlberg and his famous actor brothers, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg. As of January 2021, there were 49 Wahlburgers locations in the United States. In addition to those, there are two in Canada and one in Germany. The company also has plans to eventually expand to Australia and New Zealand.

One Twitter user by the name of Joy (@DownDawg440) posted a picture of the Jeopardy! puzzle online. After the show, Donnie Wahlberg actually retweeted her picture and responded.

“Look who made it on #Jeopardy! @DonnieWahlberg @Wahlburgers” Twitter user Joy captioned her photo. “Proud to say my hubby got it right! #NKOTB”

“Love it! #Wahlburgers,” Donnie Wahlberg responded. “Way to go hubby! @Jeopardy”

Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, and ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Chime in on Wahlbugers Puzzle

Being two of the biggest stars in the film and television industry, it goes without saying that Donnie and Mark Wahlberg have an insanely huge fan base. But so does the show, Jeopardy!. It, along with fellow game show Wheel of Fortune, has become one of the most popular TV game shows of all time. Since there is such a crossover in fan bases, there were all kinds of people commenting after the episode.

“Love it! Everyone should know that! #Wahlburgers is on my bucket list to go to!” one person replied.

“Too funny! @markwahlberg was an answer to a puzzle on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Sunday night,” another fan commented. “I got it right, too!”

“You know you made it when you land on the @Jeopardy board. #Wahlbugers for the win!!!” a third fan said.

Meanwhile, other people just wanted a Wahlburgers location to come to their state. It’s hard to blame them. They left responses like, “We need one here in Fresno California,” “We need Wahlburgers in Eastgate Ohio that would be awesome,” and “We need one in Connecticut again please!!!”