Donny Osmond Emotionally Speaks Out on Loneliness of His Childhood Fame

by Keeli Parkey

Alongside members of his family, including his sister Marie Osmond, Donny Osmond became a household name at a young age. And, like many other child stars both before and after him, this early fame wasn’t always a happy time for Donny.

The now 63-year-old performer talked about the loneliness he felt as a youngster during an exclusive recent interview Closer Weekly.

“I was just so lonely. You go back to the early 1970s, and you’ve got literally thousands of screaming girls at those concerts yelling your name, but then you go back to a very quiet hotel or the bus. I learned what loneliness is in life,” Donny Osmond said during the July 2021 interview.

Fortunately for Osmond, he met his future wife, Debbie Osmond, when he was a teenager. She helped him feel less lonely then. And these days, she continues to be a very consistent source of support for her famous husband. They were married in 1978.

“She’s been my saving grace. My confidante and friend. (One) night, we were out in the garden talking as we were pulling weeds and watering plants. In its own little way, it was a very romantic evening,” Donny Osmond said.

One place that gives Osmond peace these days is his home in his native Utah.

“I have fruit trees that I planted in my orchard — one for each of my grandchildren. We have (an) apple, peach, nectarine, pear and cherry. When they come over, they like to go check their tree out. When I’m working really, really hard in the studio or I’m getting a little frustrated, I walk out, go in the garden, spend an hour and get back to nature. I built these massive waterfalls in my backyard, so I turn them on and I go to paradise,” Donny Osmond said.

Donny Osmond Will Debut Solo Las Vegas Show in August 2021

If you’re a fan of Donny Osmond, Las Vegas is where you will need to head this year to see him perform live. He will be returning to the city as a solo act during August 2021. He had performed alongside his sister in Las Vegas for 11 years. Their run ended in 2019.

Osmond is ready to take on the challenges of his new Las Vegas show.

“… I wish we could start today! I’m very, very excited. I feel that I have had three careers: With the Osmond Brothers, as Donny & Marie and solo. I was about 12 when I decided that this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life,” Donny Osmond said.

Being an entertainer was a “dream” and “goal” for Osmond.

“I had other options, but this has always been my dream and my goal,” he said of his career. “To have an opportunity to headline with my own show on the Strip is a lot of pressure, but I’ve been doing this for 60 years and I have a plethora of repertoire.”