Duck Dynasty’s Jase, Missy Robertson Share Photos from Louisiana ‘Sneaux Storm’

by Chris Haney

On Monday evening, Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson posted an amusing set of snowy photos with his wife, Missy, and their dog.

As a winter storm hit West Monroe, Louisiana, the Robertson family decided to have some fun in the snow. However, one family member took some convincing to cooperate during their wintery photo op. In a series of three pictures, Robertson hilariously shows off the progression of getting their dog, Big’N, to “look at the camera.”

In the first photo, Jase and Missy are staring at Big’N and telling him to look the other way. However, Big’N obviously had other plans. The retriever has a tennis ball in his mouth and clearly is focused on a game of fetch. In his defense, that sounds more fun than a photoshoot.

“1) Big’N, look at the camera,” Robertson wrote to describe the first photo.

In the second picture, Robertson continues to try to get Big’N to focus. The camera captures him trying to take the tennis ball from the dog to no avail.

“2) No, I’m not playing ball right now,” the Duck Dynasty star added to the post.

In the last photo, the couple’s daughter, Mia, who is off-camera steps up and takes control of the situation. She commands the family’s dog to look at the camera and the couple finally get their shot. Everyone is looking directly at the camera, including Big’N with his tennis ball still in his mouth. Third times a charm.

“3) Mia: BIG’N, LOOK!” Robertson captioned the final photo.

Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Takes up New Relic Hunting Hobby

Jase Robertson and his family are best known for their duck hunting expertise. Yet the Duck Dynasty star has taken up another hobby to fill the void in between duck hunting seasons.

During the last couple years, Robertson has gotten into a different form of hunting to pass the time. He’s traded in his shotgun for a Garrett metal detector and a shovel to aid him with his relic hunting. Even though he’s only been at the new hobby for a couple of years, he says it’s just as fun as duck hunting to him.

In fact, in a video posted on YouTube, he explains his newest hobby and shares some tips on how to get into it. In addition, he already has a few full boxes of valuable relics that include antique coins, pendants and other small jewelry. His collection boasts an Indian head penny and multiple silver coins. Yet one particular find is by far his favorite, so much so that he called it “priceless.”

Robertson shows off his silver trime, which is a three-cent coin that he had never even heard of. The United States only produced the rare coins from 1851 to 1873, so they’re obviously hard to find. Furthermore, the exact silver trime Robertson found while relic hunting was minted in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1951, which adds to its scarcity.

According to USA Coin Book, Robertson’s find could be worth “worth $60 in Average Condition and can be worth $483 to $746 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition.” However, Robertson says he’s not concerned with what his relic is worth. For the Duck Dynasty star, the silver trime he found on a hunt is priceless.

You can check out Robertson talking about relic hunting and get some tips from the man himself in the video below.