‘Duck Dynasty’: Jase Robertson Shares Update on Daughter Mia’s Surgery, Details Challenging Recovery Ahead

by Josh Lanier

Jase Robertson said his daughter’s most recent surgery to manage a cleft palate was successful, but she has a long recovery ahead. And likely more surgeries. This was her 14th, her first being shortly after she was born, to manage the growth deformity.

Mia Robertson was born with a cleft palate, which is an opening in the roof of her mouth. She’s gone through multiple, painful surgeries to repair the damage. Since 2012, she’s undergone several bone grafts to repair the cleft as it begins to separate again.

Effectively, Jase explained, the doctors had to break her jaws to set the lower jaw back and the upper jaw forward. Worse still, doctors can’t give her any pain killers after because “she needs her wits about her” in case of a choking hazard, Jase Robertson said.

He updated fans of his daughter’s prognosis on his “Unashamed” podcast he has with his dad and brother. Doctors performed the surgery last week, and Mia is dealing with a lot of swelling and pain. But managing. And doctors believe the procedure was a success, but they’ll know more in the coming weeks, Jase said.

Doctors told the Robertsons that the surgery matched much of the models they’d created before the procedure. But they won’ know exactly how well the operation went for about 12 months when the swelling has completely gone done, Jase said. After that they’ll know what steps to take next, he said. But she’ll continue to see specialists during that time.

Robertson Men Floored by Mia’s Toughness

All three men were awed by the 17-year-old girl’s strength in dealing with such a painful procedure.

“I ain’t never heard the girl complain,” Phil Robertson said.

When they wheeled her into recovery, the nurse was asking Missy Robertson if there were any particular movies Mia may want. Missy pointed out that the swelling would keep her from watching anything.

“But somebody mentioned “Criminal Minds” … And we look over and Mia is giving a thumbs up,” Jason joked. That as her first communication. Not a moan or a groan, but a thumbs up for “Criminal Minds.”

And that’s been the girl’s M.O. She’s tough and resilient. She has fought this her entire life.

“There’s never been a six-week period in Mia’s life when she hasn’t had to go to the doctor,” Al Robertson said. “She’s 17 years old, and she’s never gone over six weeks without going to these doctors.

That’s partly why Jase and Missy Robertson started the Mia Moo Foundation to help parents and children who are suffering from cleft palates and cleft lips.

“Our purpose is to help each child know and understand that he or she has a divine and worthwhile purpose in this life,” the organization’s website reads, “and we fully believe that our resources can help bring these purposes to light.