‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Embraces ‘Sameness and Our Differences’ on Date Night with Willie

by Samantha Whidden

Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson took to her Instagram on Monday (July 12th) to post an adorable snapshot of her and her husband, Willie Robertson, enjoying a date night. 

“Opposites attract,” Korie proclaims in the post, which features the adorable Duck Dynasty duo wearing black and white outfits. Robertson also shares that she was going to just post with the typical date night caption, but was thinking about the “amazing finding” that all humans only off in their DNA by 0.1 percent.

“It’s easy in the world we live in to find things that divide us, but we are all FAR much alike than we are different,” The Duck Dynasty star explains. She then praises God and states that it would be a boring world if everyone was exactly the same. “In our relationship, I love our sameness and our differences, and I love this man right here and our date night.”

Korie Robertson Reveals Details About Her Marriage To ‘Duck Dynasty’ Co-Star Willie 

In a May 2021 episode of the Duck Dynasty couple’s At Home With The Robertson series, Korie discusses her marriage with Willie while chatting with Tim and Demi Tebow. 

Korie admits that she and Willie were required more time to mature after exchanging vows. “I think the first year of marriage is tough because you’re blending two different families and experiences,” Korie shares. The Duck Dynasty star also states that the couple was actually pretty broke during their first year of marriage and were working through a lot of things. 

“We’ve had our ups and downs within our marriage,” the Duck Dynasty alum says. She does offer some encouraging works by saying that after 28 years she can say every bit of their time together has been worth it.

The Duck Dynasty duo also talk about sex before marriage. Willie further explains that with the couple’s faith and how they both grew up in their traditional church, sex was saved for marriage and that was to be enjoyed while you were married. “So I do think it can push people to say, if we want this long, it’s going to be tougher,” Willie says. “If you’re saving yourself for that person, that can be really difficult.”

Korie Talks Current Projects With The Robertson Family

Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson recently announced that her daughter Bella has released a book of poetry. The former reality TV actress further explains that the book is full of all the “depths of emotions” along with the ups and downs of relationships, love and loss, and lasting love. “I’m always in awe of God’s timing,” She states. “That [the book] would release right after she married her true love (who is amazing btw) I couldn’t have written a better story!” 

Bella’s new book is available here.