‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Highlights Eventful Journey Home from a Girls’ Retreat

by Amy Myers

What’s better than a girls’ retreat? A chaotic story to share with friends that weren’t there, of course. This is exactly what the Duck Dynasty women experienced while trying to get home after a relaxing weekend away. An easy flight back to their home state turned into a six-hour adventure stuck in an airport with no place to go.

While this might sound like a nightmare to some, the Robertson girls always make the best out of their situation and fill the downtime with lots of laughter and love. In between developing a new plan, the Duck Dynasty stars took plenty of cute photos, attempted some TikTok dances and documented basically the whole experience.

Matriarch Korie Robertson shared some of the highlights from the end of the girls’ trip that summed up their loving relationship with each other.

“There is nothing better than sweet friends who answer the phone in the middle of the night, husbands who climb out of bed to make an airport run, frozen chicken nuggets at 3am, piling on the couch to sleep after a very long travel day, and last but certainly not least, coffee and the cutest baby friends!” the Duck Dynasty star wrote.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shows Appreciation for Friend’s Hospitality

According to Robertson, the initial reason for the additional adventure was the precarious weather conditions at the Dallas airport. After five long hours of waiting for the hail to stop, the pilot finally canceled the flight and sent passengers back to the terminal. Along with Korie, daughters Rebecca, Sadie and Bella were present for the getaway, as well as grandbaby Honey. Despite the five-hour delay and additional hour in the airport, the proud grandmother reported that the Duck Dynasty tot was “perfect the whole time.”

“By that time, all of the hotels connected to the airport were totally booked,” Korie wrote in her Instagram update.

After deciding against spending the night in the airport, the Robertson women finally called a nearby friend, Laney Rene, who, thankfully, picked up the phone at 2 a.m. Once Rene heard of their situation, she sent her husband to rescue the Duck Dynasty stars from the airport and brought them back home so they could rest their heads after an incredibly long day.

As expected, the Robertson women were extremely grateful for the friend’s hospitality and generosity. Korie even penned a special message to the couple in her post recapping the night’s events.

“It was the sweetest, most welcoming site! We woke up, enjoyed coffee and smoothies together, laughed, watched the babies become the cutest friends and then got back on our way home. It really was the best ending we could have asked for!” Robertson shared.