Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Addresses Donald Trump and the 2020 Election, Twitter Sounds Off

by Hunter Miller

Phil Robertson is speaking out about his support for President Donald Trump in the coming election. The Duck Dynasty star is making no bones about who he wants as President and Twitter has a lot to say about it.

During his most recent installment of his podcast, “In the Woods with Phil,” the father of five shared his thoughts on the President.

“I weigh a man in politics, I judge them by what they’ve done. That’s how I judge them, politicians,” he said. “I’ve preached the gospel to Donald J. Trump. He’s heard the good news because I told him and he listened.”

Robertson then reveals how he describes President Trump. “My definition for him, in two words, this is what seems to fit the way he rolls: caustically brilliant,” he said.

After Robertson’s latest podcast released, many took to social media to share their reactions to his thoughts. Check out what people had to say on Twitter on the next page.