‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Drops ‘Day 1’ Family Vacation Photos at the Beach

by Jon D. B.

“Day 1 of fam vacay!” says new mom and Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff with this gallery of beach-laden family photos.

What do you do when your family actually all loves one another? You go on family vacations! Such is the case for the Duck Dynasty squad, clearly, as they genuinely seem to love each other. And this is said without a hint of irony, as a family that takes care of their own is absolutely the Outsider way.

When said family are celebrities, however, such vacations can sadly become a spectator sport. At least Sadie Robertson Huff has a great sense of humor about it!

“To all of the people watching on the beach you’re welcome for the laughs we must have given you Hahahha!” she continues in her Thursday caption. Check out the lovely beachside shots for yourself below, courtesy of the Duck Dynasty alum‘s official Instagram.

GM of Roc Nation record label Hank replies, “That looks strangely like LOS ANGELES!” But another Duck Dynasty fan, Nick G., responds to Hank with “Mexico lol.”

Others are saying it’s surely California, with one follower shouting “MALIBU SQUAD!!! HMU SADIE HUFF!” with their keyboard. Hard flex, but okay!

Malibu seems to be a hard consensus. But we’re not sure if Malibu or LA would be quite the family getaway choice for a group that’s used to travelling the world. Mexico seems more likely, right? Either way, we have no idea – and that’s how Sadie Robertson Huff wants it! Privacy is good.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Vacations are All Smiles

“Hang 10,” says Sadie’s husband Christian Huff in his own post. While social media should never be viewed as 100% (or even 50%) real life, the Robertsons do an excellent job of putting their best feet forward.

And it’s all hands on deck for exactly this when it comes to the Duck Dynasty family’s new tiny one: Honey James Huff.

She’s no longer the newest baby in the family, but Honey remains the star, to be sure. Indeed, Sadie Robertson Huff, husband Christian Huff, and little Honey have become an Instagram sensation, with fans unable to get enough.

Over on Sadie’s Instagram, near-daily proof of this pops up, too. One of her other latest photo galleries shows the Duck Dynasty star’s fashion “inspiration.” And you guessed it – it’s Honey!

Within, we see little Honey James Huff sporting size-appropriate sunglasses and a teeny bikini aboard her very own (also appropriately-sized) pool float lounger. Yes, it is as cute as it sounds. And yes, you should click right here to see it for yourself.

All the best to the Duck Dynasty kin as they enjoy their latest “fam vacay”!