‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Shouts Out the ‘Cutest Flower Girls and Ring Bearers’ at Daughter Bella’s Wedding

by Keeli Parkey

If you have ever been involved in a wedding, you will know that it involved many, many moving parts. (Actually, it’s more like many, many, many, many, many, many moving parts.) “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson acknowledged a few very cute moving parts of a family wedding during a recent social media post.

Those moving parts were the very young flower girls and ring bearers of Robertson’s daughter Bella’s recent wedding. On Wednesday, Aug. 11, Korie Robertson shared a social media post that was created in honor of the very cute children who took part in Bella’s wedding. As part of the post, Korie also shared 10 photos from Bella’s very special day.

Korie Robertson opened her Instagram post by saying: “Dedication post to the cutest flower girls and ring bearers ever!! I always love the little ones at weddings!”

Next, she shared a few details about the adorable ring bearers who took part in Bella’s special day. And, she also pointed out that she and others were ready for anything that could happen when dealing with such very young children under such stressful circumstances.

“Zane and John Shepherd were the ring bearers. At 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 we knew that anything could happen, ha! We laid the aisle a few days early, practiced and hoped for the best,” Korie Robertson also said on Instagram.

Korie Robertson Praised the Work of the Youngest Participants in Her Daughter Bella’s Recent Wedding

After expressing her concerns, Korie Robertson went on to praise the efforts of both Zane and John Shepherd. She first talked about what Zane did on the wedding day.

“We were all so proud that Zane did it! He’s the 2 1/2 year old and in the phase that’s much more opinionated and unpredictable, ha! He had a meltdown over putting on the shoes he was supposed to wear the day before. But on wedding day, he had a blast, walked straight down the aisle like a big boy, running the last half to Jacob!” Korie Robertson also shared.

Unfortunately, a mild illness kept John Shepherd from feeling at his very best on the day of the wedding, according to Korie Robertson.

“John Shepherd was more clingy than normal, wanting to be held much of the day, which there are plenty of us to hold him so we don’t mind, and that’s so sweet in and of itself, so Mary Kate carried him down the aisle (we found out the next day he had an ear infection which explained him not being his normal outgoing self.)” the reality television star also said.

Korie Robertson also shared on Instagram how being part of family weddings is a family tradition for their family.

“The two beautiful little flower girls are our cousins! I was in my aunt’s wedding (their grandma) their parents were in our wedding, and the tradition continues! They were beautiful and perfectly adorable, and serious about their important roles coming down the aisle, then sat on the stage, licking a lollipop and entertaining the crowd with their cuteness!”