‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Poses with Her Adorable ‘Little Buddies’ on Family Vacation

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (August 14th) Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson took to her popular Instagram account to share a couple of snapshots during her family’s summer vacation. 

“Little buddies… family vacation days = best days,” the Duck Dynasty beauty writes in the caption. The pictures show all four of Korie’s grandchildren hanging out with her at the beach and pool. 

The family vacation comes just weeks after the Duck Dynasty star announced she will have a fifth grandbaby at the end of 2021. “I love announcing this news. Grand baby #5 is on the way!! We can’t get enough babies around here… Sooooo much love! Zane is going to be the best big brother! This fight is due on Christmas Day. And we are so very thankful!!!”

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Korie Robertson Shares How God Has Helped Her Raise Her Children

During a June 2017 interview with Focus on the Family, Robertson opened up about how she relied on God to help her raise her children. “I think sometimes we lose that confidence and the Bible tells us to not lose our confidence. Because our confidence is in Him. He has given you those children. He has given you the tools and the things you need to help them.”

The Duck Dynasty star further observes that whenever parents point children to God, He loves them even more than the parents do. “So, Think that we can take heart in that whatever mistakes we’ve made or whatever things that we’ve done that haven’t been the best for our children, our God loves them even more than we do. He is for them. He is with them. And He is in them.”

Robertson also states that boundaries are good for children along with God’s teachings. “That helps them feel secure,” she explains. The former reality tv star further observes that without consistency, life would be absolutely confusing for the parents as well as also for the kids.

Robertson further stated that she made it very clear to her children that their lives are not their own. They belong with God. When the family did Duck Dynasty she talked to the kids about how the show is about the family. It’s not about one individual person. The show was able to give glory to God and pointing people to Him. “So, we’re not gonna get our feelings hurt if somebody is on the show more or somebody gets to do this or someone gets this privilege or someone gets this.”

“Our faith and that strength [is not] in ourselves, but in God and in knowing His power and knowing that He lives in us,” she then adds.