‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Talks ‘Legacy’ of Being a Grandparent

by Megan Molseed

Few things warm the heart of Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson’s heart more than family.

And, in her newest Instagram post, the famous Duck Dynasty mother, wife, and grandmother sends a shout out to her own mother, Chrys Howard while also paying homage to one of her favorite and newest roles, the role of grandmother.

In the Wednesday afternoon Instagram post, the proud mother, grandmother, and daughter shares a series of photos celebrating the generations of grandmothers within her family. In her Insta story, the Duck Dynasty star also mentions how proud she is of her mother, Chrys Howard’s newest venture; a book all about grandparenting.

“My mom @chryshoward and her friend and fellow podcaster @shellietomlinson has a new book out “Rocking it Grand: 18 Ways to be a Game-Changing Grandma,”” Roberston writes in the Instagram post.

“It’s all about the impact we can have as grandparents on our grands,” the Duck Dynasty star adds. “and the legacy we are building through family.”

In the Wednesday afternoon post, Robertson shares a series of photos. Starting with a stunning pic featuring Robertson, her daughter Bella Mayo, and her mother Chrys Howard.

Next, the Duck Dynasty mother shares a pic of Howard standing with Rebecca Robertson, her husband, and two of Korie and her husband, Willie’s, grandbabies.

In the third photograph, Robertson shares an amazingly touching moment of the grandmother braiding Sadie Robertson’s hair while the young woman prepares to give birth.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Honors The Love Of A Grandmother

The rest of Korie Robertson’s post is full of some amazing snapshots. Each one highlights the bond a grandmother feels with her grandchildren.

“She does all of this with joy, kindness, energy, strength, and fun!” the Duck Dynasty star says of her mother in the Instagram post.

“She is simply the best!” the Duck Dynasty star says.

“She has been there in every one of life’s moments,” Korie continues. “big and small, for each of her grandkids and now great-grandkids!!!”

Robertson goes on to add that selecting just ten photos for her Instagram post was a difficult task. Because she notes, there are so many moments shared between Howard and the grandchildren that she wanted to highlight.

“Choosing 10 pictures for this post was pretty much impossible,” Robertson says.

“I have literally hundreds (probably actually thousands, we take a lot of pictures, ha) of her with each of our kids and grandkids and in each one you know just how much she loves being a grandmother!” Korie exclaims.

“If you’re in this wonderful season of life, go get it!!” Robertson adds in the touching post. “I love you, Mom, so thankful to get to learn from you.”