Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson’s Daughter Rebecca Suffers Miscarriage

by Madison Miller

“Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson is sharing on Instagram that her daughter had suffered a miscarriage.

She prefaced the news by writing about all the positives that this year has brought to her family. From celebrating birthdays and holidays to celebrating the news of Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff’s future daughter.

Talking About the Miscarriage

Korie shared a bit of wisdom from having 6 kids and getting through the hardships.

“While much of what I share here is the fun, the joyful, like all of us, we also experience the hard, the sad. If you’ve lived any bit of life you know, no one is immune to the difficult things of this world,” Robertson wrote.

While sharing in the sadness and pain her daughter is experiencing from the miscarriage, she also points out just how much strength and resilience she has.

“I also saw in her such beautiful, powerful strength. Women are so much stronger than we think we are. What an amazing thing that we can hold at the same time both joy and loss,” Robertson wrote.

Rebecca Shares With Her Followers

Korie Robertson’s post came after her daughter Rebecca made the choice to share the news to her followers. She thought it was important to “not only share about the good, but also the bad, all the hurdles & trials it takes to get here.”

“And I thought maybe keeping it quiet I could pretend it never happen, and it will be less heartbreaking. But the truth is, sharing it actually has helped me heal, recognize the lost & validate my sadness is the first step towards recovery,” wrote Robertson.

Even while dealing with the news of her miscarriage, she still went to support her sister Sadie during her gender reveal.

Rebecca Robertson, while associated with “Duck Dynasty,” is also known for being an avid traveler.

Robertson opened up Duck & Dressing in Monroe, Louisiana to pursue her knowledge of fashion.

In 2019 Rebecca Robertson and her husband John Reed Loflin had a baby boy. Rebecca was the Robertson’s exchange student before she became their foster child in 2004. Willie, the Duck Commander CEO, walked her down the aisle in 2016.

Now, Robertson posts and updates her followers on Instagram with her small family’s daily adventures.